Claude Monet, Frederic Bazille, Mary Cassatt

It's been interesting and enjoyable to learn about these artists; interesting because they were up against such resistance to their art; enjoyable because of their wonderful creations. I have a beautiful volume illustrated with Claude Monet's works. It also contains his biography and personal letters he wrote. It's like visiting a museum, although I hope to actually see some of these works on display sometime.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Oh how wonderful for you--I would love to go to Paris and visit the studios and homes of some of these artists. As for the name of the waterlilies...I'll have to pull out that book and have a look! I keep it somewhat put away so that nothing happens to it--I would love to have a room where I could just keep that book (it's rather large) and maybe have various prints of Impressionist art around the room. Of course it would need to be a room with lots of sunlight, and a comfy spot to bask in all that beauty...and some plants would be lovely :)

You will gasp with pleasure and want to pinch yourself to see if it's real. When I last saw the gallery in which most of his work is on display in Paris, it was an overwhelming feeling of being surrounded by the waterlilies on all sides. Am I right in calling them "Les Nympheas"? Anyway, you have a pleasure in store.