Ok. I Have Not Read the Other Stories In This Group.

I don't know how your supposed to write about art.

I like impressionist art but not all of it, so how do I distinguish? I don't know how to tell you.

You would have to just look at the artists and paintings that I like. I mean, I can only tell you abou well known ones, i suppose, or I am going to have to describe it all in these book-words. Yuech. Horrible things, these, anyway.

Ok here's a list of some people and paintings and stuff:

Where to start though..

Well I paint portraits so I guess i will be mostly recommeding some of them.

Ok. have a look at some    Edouard Manet

and     some                       Renoir

                                          Degas  (obviously)

                                          Paul Gouguin

                                          Renoir's portrait's of Monet, smokin' his pipe!

                                         I guess see Monet's Cathedral Farade in sunlight.

                                       er.. look at Seurat -I hate Seurat! >:( Ponitillist? Cartoonist! Pointliss!

                                            Oi! Pissarro! No! Stop that ! Yuech!! >:P

                                        I would go as far as Cezanne, but you know..

                              I like Degas:  Singer in Gloves. Awesome. Love it.

  .......also  Dancer Tying Her Shoe (which has that sketchy style that looks so effortless. I just couldn't make anything look that effortless, you know?)

              Obviously Degas was a bit of a perv for the young ladies, and I like   After the Bath

 I use pastel most of the time . So I like artists who also used pastel. I'm learning..

Jean Baptiste        Simeon Chardin           Whistler            Rasabla Carriera

Mary Casset          Maurice Quentin de la Tour

Wolf Kahn               Daniel Greene




Err, I suppose I 'll add to this story.. ?

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Mar 4, 2009