Ultimate Secret Of Economy

3rd September 2009 (last edited: 01/08/2010)

The Entrusted
My recent experience of the Tremor while I was in Jakarta, Indonesia, has given me the alarm and the awakening that I should vest some important secrets of humanity, that nature gifted to me while writing my book.

The experience was a good reminder of my own words "Life would be
uncertain forever as many disasters have become part and parcel of life"
.   It is not going to be easy to convince the world, at its state now, —as every individual has been harnessed with blinders in some way to look at the narrow picture, and not the broader one.

Though I am confident that I would be able to live and guide the world towards the transformation, I also feel that I should not depend highly on my confidence.

Thus I plan to vest the vital secrets to trustworthy people I come across.
I am happy that I was able to document the secret about Gender, language and numbers, in my book "Letter to Future". But the difficulties I face in publishing the book, also tells me that it is not going to be easy to penetrate into the world and tell them something other‐wise.

So it is not enough if an author just writes, but he has to do more. The credentials the world demands is another problem for I do not know how to be an author before being an author. Though it is really interesting and exiting, as to the way this world poses a challenge to the author, — it was this challenge posed by the world that made Letter to Future a sturdy and revolutionary book.

But it also demands the author to live and explain things in detail.
To quote from my book
It is not the fear of losing my life that worries me the most; rather, it is the fear
of losing it before transferring the ‘know‐how of life’ —all My knowledge,
experiences, and lessons learnt—to the Future.

The world is at its adamancy now, and is not ready to take the ultimate secret of life, even if it is just given out for free, for it only asks which school of thought it comes from. So it’s going to take some time and forward planning to make the world realize the truth and welcome it into the right path.

Though I have embarked on a series of book writing project to usher the world from different angles, attempting in stages can be dangerous, as any sudden demise of the author, can render the world in just another stage, which the world may think as the ultimate.

So I have decided to keep, those close to me informed of the ultimate, so they in turn can take over the control OR just publish it to the world in future, where the world does not remain orphaned or allow itself to be orphaned from TRUTH again.

In my comprehension, the astrological prediction that the world is coming to an end is true. It is not physical destruction the way world believes it, but it is going to be purely intellectual and more appropriately spiritual.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaliyuga has a lot of appropriate details which
anyone can reason out with the current life the way it is. Some have argued that the end is far away and many more years to go, as per prediction.
But any prediction is only a pre‐diction based on calculations with yardsticks and means available at the time of prediction. Surely the astrologers would not have predicted that humanity would invent faster transportations such as buses, bullet trains, airplane and so on, to only reach their destination (destiny) faster.

The greatest myth the world is depending on now is MONEY, without realizing the fact that world is actually getting dictated by money in the name of democracy. The world does not know that the Money is no longer tagged to Gold, as it was in the past, and the governments have shifted long ago and started issuing currency based on trust and having other currencies as its basis. This way they have created inter‐reliance and have landed into a serious dependency in the name of Liberty and independence. Imagine a human chain, where each one's kidney, heart etc is vested into the other and no one is able live using their own and in peace. Any death to any human in the chain can bring about the end of the entire chain. And that is what is going to happen, when money dies and nation starts falling one by one.

What America recently experienced can be described as Economical Cardiac Arrest and it actually breathed its last. But like in the Tamil movie "Ramanaa" where the hero admits a dead body into a private hospital saying "please save the patient at whatever cost" and the doctors enacting the drama of saving the patient to extract money to only declare the person as dead, after a few days.
The doctor here is Mr.Obama & the dead patient being treated is not just America but the entire world and what is being kept alive is US.Dollars, for it is the International currency having which as basis, other countries have issued their currency to the world. So any death of America would mean a death of US dollars and that can in turn bring about the death of all other currencies as well.

Like how doctors pump blood to revive a dying patient, Obama borrowed 800b from the treasury. What does it mean?
In the case of blood, it can only be borrowed from another human, since
technology has not progressed to that extent that we are able to manufacture blood. But since its money, 800b got printed just as easily.
And where did Obama pump it in? Through the same old arteries and veins
that are already rotten. And just as predicted he is appeasing the relatives that the patient is alive and is being monitored and projecting as if everything is normal and attending to other things, since any visit of his to the ICU can signal the relatives as something is wrong with the patient.

What else can he do, when every predecessor of his, have brought the patient into the condition in which it is now.

So what happened to money, after it got shifted out of Gold standard?
How come Gold now has a price? How does its value raise and lower like the stock market? What happened to the Pound, Shilling, Dollar and Cents, which were only measures of gold once upon a time?

These are the questions that got ignored, as when the transition took place, they conveniently modified the economic books and started inculcating newer education into the newer batches, such that these questions never rise in the future mind. And there they succeeded using the convents, and even after so many years nobody has doubted the economics and just living in an assumption, by talking about higher things from a higher floor, without knowing that the ground has been altered long time back.

But the truth is that once it got shifted out of Gold, Currency became the SHARES of a country's wealth. Quite simply the worth of the country gets divided by the amount of currency in circulation and not by any other basis. Another great secret that has been kept away from people is the total amount of currency that has been issued so far. If this was made available, any tom **** and harry can determine the value of the currency and not depend on the bullshits of the economists. Stock market has already witnessed this many times, when companies expand their capital by issuing new shares. For instance if a company has issued 1 million shares at $10, the net worth of the company is 10 million at the start. After a few years of revenue, the share may be trading at $20 or so, since they may have doubled their net worth by doing business. If they issue
another 1 million share, the market will directly slump to $10/‐ per share again, since people do their own calculations and don't need any economic expert to tell them this. But there are these big shareholders who play with the market and just bring it to stability by parking the price at a determined level. They may buy it high and sell it low on purpose, since they know that the holding capacity of the minority shareholders is not much.

At least shares are exchanged for money, where we get the share of the country in return for the share of the company we let go. But the alarming fact is that we let go the share of a country for a song? (Hope you see what I am showing, for we get no share in exchange for what we forked out.) It is not the matter of less or more here, as a share is a share.
We end up exchanging our intellectual property for Tomato and Eggs? This is how we got deceived during evolution. Money was first brought in for physical exchange of goods in a world that had less realization about the Intellect. And we started selling our intellectual ideas using the same money. Nobody thought that there could never be barter between the intellectual and physical world. Nobody thought that there should be a separate currency for intellect.

Agreed that it is not easy to arrive at a modal, but that is no excuse that we
continue being in a wrong system, until then. Another alarming fact is that there is no provision to reconsider modal systematically and we are progressing without alternatives. A bad system gets introduced when we are kids, which we get used to and we stupidly resist a change to even a slightly better system that tries to address some crucial issues, since we consider ourselves learned and having attained an intellectual maturity.

This is the alarming danger of being unable to alter what has imbibed in us, and thus we deteriorate from bad to worse and move far away from recourse. Thus we end up living life with interim solutions, which becomes permanent through genetics.

We genetically invite the future while we are in a diseased condition and thus LIFE by itself becomes a contiguous disease. Only "Population spacing" can help, as at least we get time to accommodate ourselves first and then slowly create space for future and then invite future in a systematic manner. Even journalizing the tussle ONE Couple goes through at each level of life, can give us a lot of learning about contemporary life, which no university can ever provide.

Even in a flight, they say in case of emergency, first attend to yourself and then to the child next to you. The reason being that WE the present need to be alive to save the innocent future. Though there has been turbulence for long, we have just become comfortably numb, and we reason on behalf of the Cockpit Crew, to the co‐passengers, and for long accepted all turbulences as part of life. The flight never lands nor the crew comes out of the cockpit to report what is happening.

Since life has been disorganized for long, we never know which race starts when, and which race ends when, and thus we live life without a finish line, and just join races in random and resigning from it, without a clue of the various races we are or were part of.

We have to often remind ourselves, that we are in a democracy and there is no one up there to guide or care for us. Another cunning approach adapted during promulgation of democracy, by the governors of the past, was not informing people that they are the Kings in a democracy, and they collectively become monarchs of their country. And thus people remained as the "Governed", and the Regents took control as guardians by promising our forefathers that they would hand over power to us, once we gain maturity. Verifying the meaning of the word "Regent" can enlighten just anyone. This can also tell us how, as matured population, we busily engage in our profession, but never analyze the fundamentals ever and constantly leave the fundamentals to half‐baked teachers and innocent future.

So, these regents who took control of the world, by just giving something called a vote, are now struggling to contain us having themselves lost the significance of the governance and just ruling us for the sake of ruling us.
If we think deep, we will know that every country is a "United Kingdom" (not just UK), where every family is a dynasty. There are so many unions such as worker's union; trader's union, teacher's union, staff unions, but NONE felt the need for a People's union. None know that it is actually the country, which is "people's union", and if that were formed, there would never have been a need for the other unions.

A divide at a wrong place, can bring about such divide errors, where we may end up just plastering and bandaging, but never address the core of the wound.

Was at least the vote given to people were right?
• Many countries have not even given an identity card to its people.
• If we can say "yes" to a candidate by a mark, we must also be able to say
"no" to certain others. Even now, only the person who wins maximum
votes is selected but they don't count how many have not voted for the
• And we are still voting in a primitive manner without realizing that
technology has advanced so much that we can vote directly on issues
sitting right from our homes and allocate funds to government rather
than being taxed by them. If we can pay for president charity or any other
charity through our payphone, why can't we vote the same way for any
• What’s the need for elections to be free and to be funded by a
government? When we can through the same means pay for voting and
adjust it from the tax payable.
• When Obama can do a presentation and win 800billion dollars, why can't
every government do the same thing and secure funds from treasury
instead of harassing people for tax?
• Just because a government gets funding from Treasury, does it mean we
did not pay for it? Or we never knew how we paid for it?

Did we ever doubt that the entire independence struggle in various countries was a just a drama?
We were emotionally so distracted towards securing our life, but none in the
past, noted what was being installed in the process. During the forced regime, the rulers started installing many programs like how we install software programs into computers. To name a few programs we can say COMMON LAW, MONEY, POLICE, CONVENT, ENGLISH, MARITAL LAW, MONOGAMY, CONSTITUTION, CURRENCY, BANKS and LAWYERS.
Thus they had to rule by force for a long period to make us accept all these so they imbibe into us and become part of our life, so we struggle to operate them ourselves in the name of independence. They have also ensured that they stay over a few generations, so there is adequate new generation getting hooked to it innocently. Thus it was a planned event that was declared after ensuring our adaptation to all these, and we were made to struggle and latch on to it with certain emotional attachment, so the Generation also remembers it to pass it on with as much emotions to the newer generation. Even today we can see that the governments use the independent struggle to remind people of the past, so as to keep them away from questioning the past.

Will any idiot accept the law books from the very own entity that ruled for centuries?
And thus invariably every country is suffering the consequence of a wrong
operating system installed and people are unable to find a way out as they are already infected by it. This so called democratic system can be compared to the Windows Operating System that allows as many viral programs to move about and take control of it freely.

Thus we can see that many nations are in an Elected Oligarchy, in the name of democracy.

Just imagine how can someone be poor in a world enriched with resource?
POOR too is a disease that is spread by contiguity to affect the thought of a
person and the person thus remembers and stays poor. Intellectually this too is an article/ thing hung in the mind, which one cannot get rid off.

So the poor remain poor and the rich gets richer, since the real meaning of
capitalism was never TOLD to the public and thus nations that were poor before independence/ republic are still POOR even after decades of independence. It was not the capital that was robbed, but it was the MIND that was robbed and thus like morons, most nations remain poor.

How can there be expenditure in capitalism?
A true capitalism can't have expenditure. Even the so called Economist do not know this, as they themselves do not know what capitalism and all talk medieval economics by having previous economic performance as basis. Ask any Economist a basic question of "What is money?", the person will only blink as the person would have never come across the question ever? There are one thousand answers like some say energy; it’s the exchange etc. But without a basis, how do we get it? And how do we let go?

The very start was handicapped, as no one asked, how can there be poor during independence? Was it not a new nation starting? Should it not have been an equal start? Yes we can agree if some lagging and some leading after some progress in time. But how did the poor start life as poor in a New Republic?

So as less literates the attention of our forefather's were diverted into the
independence drama and some four fathers of someone took control of nation and declared everyone as poor by promising to enrich them. The independence was just a "candy" in the mouth to shut us up. Our forefathers must have been rejoicing the independence, while these people were installing the pre‐fabricated democracy.

Thus we can see how the illiterates were made and fooled, so they just obey and dig out the nation's riches for export and in return get paper, and a so called protection from a union formed by their own clan of illiterates.
Without any notice, what was being installed was a Feudal Financial system in the name of capitalism. Thus the past determines and conducts the future, and makes the future dance to their tune, using a new carrot called "money".

Though later philosophers tried to equate money as "stored time", "energy" etc. none have been able to mention that it is the share of a country. So a balanced currency system must have a Credit currency to warrant it. Which means we pay Debit currency and receive Credit currency in exchange.

What about the goods/service in exchange?
This is exactly where the humanity got fooled, for they were given the expression that they are receiving goods/service in exchange for Cash. Most of the items we buy have mortality. Food items perish in no time. Most items have expiry date.
But the cash/money we pass to the other, lives on forever. Nobody thought
cash & money should have expiry date as well. Nature never allows any item to be stored for too long. Everything on earth is determined by nature and evolves by time and goes through the natural cycle of birth and death. Thus the immortal money going into safe‐vaults, stored in laundered form, piggy banks, lying idle in ATMs as "to be dispensed" do have an impact on depleting money's value.

Nobody knew how to question, and just started participating in the game of
money. There was never need for a loan. But that's how things started, where on one side, they were creating nations and uniting them through money and on the other side, they started promulgating rules as to how to play the game, without a clue as to how the game will progress or end.

Thus they had to invent a Tax system, not to burn our streetlights, but to pull out the excess money and sustain the value of currency. Not many know that money gets created wherever there is profit, and the treasury has to gauge and issue currency accordingly. Thus they needed a reporting system. But Cash has been the culprit that has been spoiling all plans, and the irony is that even the remedial measures have become rituals that are being copied, without a clue as to whether a remedy is required or not.

There is no one to check, whether the remedial measure has worked. I have symbolized this in many ways in L2F, where I write about rituals and how the scaffoldings that were placed to construct something were never removed, and thus instead of constructing newer building, we are only constructing scaffoldings.

Thus my mission now is to steadily start ushering people towards safer and
better life, make them question more about their life and keep them in worries about future & thrash the beast living like a pest in‐between. There will be many subtle ways I would be approaching the matter, and not directly attack the beast, as it is now in its height of arrogance, by having itself fenced with law, police, army and government staff etc. So I would be stretching the beast from various angles, distracting and disturbing it often, leading to its eventual death.

That beast is nothing else but one that lives by preying on our ignorance and habit and in our comfort zone called assumptions. Once we start viewing the physical world as a metaphor to understand the heaven, we can know that pests such as bed mites, cockroaches, rodents, lizards live right under our self.
Traditionally we have been trying to combat them by pest‐control or fumigation, but by doing these regularly, we too marginally perish with them.
So rather than trying to fight with them, we should stop feeding them, wipe out food particles wherever, not leave things constantly or firmly in any corner and make it an event to move houses and things. All these —not physically but intellectually.

I will be perplexing many along the way by doing many things like a crook or idiot. There will be no established reasoning for my act. I may suddenly start paying 100% tax and file a case that the government must receive it. And on the other end I may submit an absolutely ridiculous tender by quoting just $1/‐ for each notebook or PC purchased by government or may offer double the scrap value for things tendered by government. And in the tabloid I may publish "Its our government, its our HouseWife, We don't look into logic when we pass money to our Wife, who is the mother for our future"

Enlightening chaos and laughter would be how the future is going to be soon.

Some of tasks to be carried out are.
• Eradicating cash or represent it with some other medium with an expiry
• Eradicating Tax system, as when government requires, they can present
their requirement to treasury and have it funded.
• Bringing about reforms to Electoral system. Why is it that we are unable
to say NO to certain candidates? So there will be yes/no to contestants.
There can no longer be unopposed elections, as the person has to gain
51% yes votes, even while being the only contestant.
• Bring about a New International currency, unattached to any nation.
Currently US dollars is controlled more by drug dealers, arms agents and
terrorists as they have stacks and stacks of currency and there is no clue
as to how much they are holding, since they never report. Moreover there
is not yet a methodology to kill fake currencies, and it too lives an eternal
• Establish a simple cashless bank (savings without interest) where people
can transact at ease without fear of losing money.
• Open up a Micro Capital Market, where people buy micro shares and
manage the investment thru a new stock market. Thru Internet.
• Establish a question Shoppe where people buy questions and attach it to
their family card/ individual card. On the other end, Top selling
questions will be reported via internet and reported on tabloids, for
people to think and source answers. Experts will then analyze the
questions. (we may create some questions but make someone suitable to
introduce it, so we will not be pointed at for the question. Our job would
be to create the vehicle for each).

(26/09/09) TO BE CONTINUED.
No matter how many books and how many years of research one does, It may still be impossible to attain the information that has been revealed in this document. But this document as a guide, can act like a torch on the head for the future who come as minors who dig the past.

I have to take a break, since I can't take this long to complete it. As again the
intention of me creating this document would be spoilt. Following are certain loose points I leave, which I can connect back when I get to revisit this document.

Revisit #1: 01/08/2010
*We have been conducted for generations, by conserving this information and thus as humans we have been made a preservative to conserve many nonsense.
*Each new generation, smokes a cigarette, but never bothers to know how it is made. Money is such a Tobacco, which is being smoked, without knowing what is it.
*They even have sex education in school, but never "money" education.
*What we buy perishes, but the money we paid, does not.
*I have clearly envisaged how we are living in an incestuous society
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