I Love Burning All Kinds of Incense

Nag Champa sticks are my go-to standard. Sai Baba is the best brand of Champa to me. I just love so many Indian incenses. I like pure, herbal type scents rather than the cosmetic, perfumed smells of very commercial varieties.

When I have the time to luxuriate and tend to it, I'll break out my little cauldron, light a charcoal disc and add things from my collection. Maybe it's a sort of dried flowers, herbs, bark, roots, frankincense tears, myrrh resin bits, even dragon's blood. I usually pick a theme and keep adding it to the coal till it is ashed out. I find yarrow and lavendar soft scented and uplifting. Other times I just fumigate the house with clouds of frankincense and myrrh smoke. White sage leaves will burn independent of a coal, so I can light a leaf and put it in a glass ashtray to let it slowly smolder itself to the stem and out.

Different scents evoke different emotional states. If I'm stressed, patchouli herb will calmly ground me out and I just love the Earthy scent.

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Why kinds of scents do you enjoy? Floral, earthy, perfumey, natural, clean, spicey?<br />
<br />
Tell me and I can recommend specifics to you.

Can you give a list of the kind of incense you would recommend? And where do you purchase yours? I love them also... I think I'll light one now!

Hey BV- cool new avatar! I never quit being a hippie. I get such pleasures from small things like changing the atmosphere of the house with a scent. Enjoy, ladies.

You're welcome ABL, my dear! Let me know if I can answer anything about this for you. I am quite the addict.