Waking Life

I saw Waking Life on the independent film channel a few years ago and it just grabbed me. I love art and unique mental stimulation and this film appealed to both. The movie was first filmed and then the art director himself created a computer program to animate the film in a new way. The art was created through a collaberated effort of a few artists. 

If you are interested in philosophy, lucid dreams, or the possibilities of the human spirit than you will enjoy this film. Even if these topics dont necessarily appeal to you, than the visual content will capture you. 

JadeKarma JadeKarma
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2 Responses Dec 17, 2007

that movie is a real trip.

this is one of my favorite movies too. my favorite part is the whole scene where hes talking to the guy whos playing the ukulele and that whole quote about selling your waking life for minimum wage when they get your dreams for free.. i still dont understand some parts of the movie though like when the two guys are in the bar then suddenly shoot eachother... great movie though.