Indian Culture

I love indian culture.Indianess has a lot of things that are very positive.Attribute like humility,wiseness,non violence,faith in god, strong family system,kindness are just some of the many facets which are thoroughly imbibed in indian culture.Indian culture may be described very diverse but these aspects remain the same across the length and breath of the country. Most of these facets are traits of a progressive society.But more than them what really makes indians stand out in crowd is their reasonableness and kindness.We are arguably the oldest civilisation in the world with an enviable history and heritage.Indians believe in the principle of live and let live and are wise and mild natured.

Indian cultue is also about celeberation.We have a huge list of festivals which give us a reason to get together and celeberate.We love to sing and dance and this is our way to have fun.

On the flip side Really hope that there would be a little less hypocriticism in our society.I also wish that we were a little less religious and more spiritual in our every day life.
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I love Indian culture and I am not even Indian. But I agree it's the best. I love the food, music, people and everything about it :)

It's funny how Indians always bark about their culture but have no respect for the wa0estern culture.

I assume you mean Indian as in the Indian sub continent and not Native Americans

I think Indian (asia) women are the most beautiful, sensual, elegant, stylish and sexy women in the world. their size, shape, skin, hair, clothes, demeanour, manner, are all Super feminine

I LOVE the sari, and the jewlery and hair and the bindi - I wish I was an Indian woman ! Anyone who wants a male maid in a sari in the UK call me ha ha

be safe be happy and be healthy

As far as the world knows, Caucasian women look way better than Indian woman. Visit Canada, Australia and Sweden and you'll know what I mean.

I am proud to be an Indian :)

very true. spectacular!!! i love my country!! kitna achha hai india, traffic ko chod ke!!

Thank you siberia7 and its wonderful to have somebody who's had an indian experience and has fond memories of it.One special thing about Indian people which I forgot to mention in the story is their belief in karma ie goodness begets goodness and you shall reap what you sow.No where in the entire world have I seen people living their lives on this principle on a daily basis and that really is the backbone of our culture.

Indian people have always been very kind to me. My surrogate family as a child was from India. I went to see the Indian movies with them every saturday night on campus, spent weeks at their house and ate lots of curry and wonderful pastries. They knew how to enjoy life and there was a lot of laughter. I miss them very much. Thanks for your story.

You are a great ambassador for Indian culture! I have never visited India but I have read a few books written by people who have lived and worked there, and it does indeed sound like a vibrant, colourful and spiritual country with many exceptional people doing great things.

thnx for the kind words.

I am in awe of Indian culture! So much of the knowledge we have today comes from India. And Indian people are truly the kindest I have ever known. Great story!