A Sweet Temptation

No topic on Indian food can be complete without mentioning Indian sweets. 
Indian sweets are a part of the culture.
When there is good news to be shared, we give sweets, to sweeten the mouth, before sharing the news.
At weddings and celebrations, the meal begins with a sweet and ends with a sweet!
Sweets are rich, loaded with sugar, butter and milk. Sinfully delicious.

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5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

No offense but one thing I cannot stomach is Indian sweets much too sweet for me. Indians do like these things extra sweet.
On saying that no problems with the rest I cook authentic Indian and husband loves it.

looks yumm! ive never tasted any indian sweets before.. *:)) any homemade recipe you could share?

You're so right EH.. one is never enough.. first you taste to taste it.. then you eat it to enjoy it .. then you eat more of your favorites to really enjoy it .. lolololol :)

One will NEVER be enough.

That loooooks soooooo good. I want to go shopping there right this minute for one (or more) of everything!!! :) :) :) !!!!