Being Ethnically Indian Helps !

I lOVE Indian food simply because of SPICE !

Whilst i also love a good roast chicken, some baked fish, etc ... i think they have more delicate flavours than strong taste bud awakening flavours in indian food.

Last night mum made some Tandoori Chicken at home, i'm sure you have all had this dish at some takeaway/restaurant, but i have never tasted anything in a takeaway/resturant that has compared to the Tandoori i had last night or generally i/mum make(s) at home.

The Tandoori Chicken is just an example of a dish. It could be Shahi Paneer, Masoor and Moongi daal, Chilli Chicken, kheer,Bhindi, besan, suji ka halwa .. the list goes on !

I think restaurants often have to cook for they're audience, and so they change, adapt, play down flavours, which is stupid because, those spices are what made people love a dish in the first place !

I eat Indian food all the time living at home, but i love the spice so much i use it in my food all the time ! .. Spicy beans , Coating for roast chicken, omlette etc ... !
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Wow that sounds just my thing! I'll be round shortly, Im sure we can think of something to nibble on for dessert! ;)