Beautiful Amber Brown With Curves...

One of the girls in my group of friends is of Indian heritage. I just love when she wears her traditional clothing, it's so intricate and colorful, and her very curvy, amber colored body fills it out so nicely. She also has the most beautiful full breasts that she loves having cupped and played with, and a very beautiful deep belly button with a tiny little roll that she often has exposed. She is certainly the subject of many of my "alone-time" fantasies! ;)
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Generally speaking I love the Indian way of life. just LOVE those movies that are pure and simple - good guys and bad guys and the good guys win. There is love and passion but no sex or suggestive scenes. I think it is fabulous when the whole village, street, office, train start to sing and dance around the stars ( wish that happened in real life).

I just love the energy and colour and excitement of it all. AND that brings me on to the Indian WOMEN, I think Indian women (form the subcontinent - NOT native Americans ) are the most feminine, beautiful, elegant, stylish, graceful, perfect women on the plant. I love their stature, their figure, their hair, their make up and bindi, their jewellery, their clothes (I LOVE sarees), everything about Indian women is to be worshiped - in fact I wish I was an Indian woman !

be safe be happy and be healthy

I can understand your feeling. I have seen women all over the world. I have an Indian wife and pride myself in it.