Indiana Jones...

I read the paperback before seeing the first movie in the early 80's, and when I saw it was not disappointed. The second one wasn't so great, but it was still Indiana Jones. The best was the third, but that was because of his dad being there - too bad Sallah wasn't in the 4th one, but I'm glad he & Marion got hitched!
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I agree - I love Indi lol. I saw all the movies, My favourite is the 3rd one because of his dad (Sean Connery i think) He was hilarious. The 2nd one i actually liked. I loved the little Chinesse kid in it. The only.thing that annoyed me in the only 2nd one was Willie screamimg at everything lol. I think the movies its course. I think its time for Indi to hang up his whip and hat now though. Too me the movies will always be classics. :)