That's For Blasphemy!

Oh Steven Spielberg, you're so silly, thinking that putting aliens into an Indiana Jones movie was a good idea. Sigh... I can remember the day when the teaser trailer for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull first popped up in theaters. How excited I was, rushing home and thinking of all the great things that could possibly take place on Indy's next great adventure. Because you see, I figured that since the third movie took place in 1938 (I believe...), there would be this wonderful chance to see Indiana Jones taking on WWII era Nazis (and why not? Young Indiana Jones had some WWI settings). But then for some reason (much like the third Mummy movie, another movie I had high hopes for), some genius made the great decision to advance the series to the 1950s and a Cold War setting. Okay, I could live with that... It's still fun, because surely if Call of Duty could do it, they could here too. And then the aliens got brought into the picture. *facepalm* Regardless, I kept my hopes high, ended up seeing the movie twice (once with parents and once with friends), but each time walked away from the theater with a great sadness in my heart of having seen something that could have been so much greater. I mean, even the Emperor's Tomb video game had a better story than the fourth movie! I best stop now and just go watch Raiders or something before I get too upset haha...
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I quite liked that film... :3