This Post Is More Like My "adios" To The Indie Culture Thing.

Back in 2005 my life changed when I heard my first indie band. From then on I couldn't stop. I needed to know everything about each band resulting in me joining every forum, was on multiple street teams, and for the bands I really loved...I would wait 9 hours at the venue to meet them! lol dedication my friends haha The whole indie culture just somehow changed my life in such a positive way. There's just something about that type of music that takes it to a deeper level in mind. I would go to the same boring school everyday with the same people thinking to myself there has to be a way out. For me, that way out was getting lost in the sound.

I'm writing this because this was how I used to feel.

I spent countless hours making mix cds and playlists and even needing to know every detail about every band member. But about a year and a half ago I just got tired of it. I slowly drifted away from the forums and eventually stopped street meaning (aka no more free concerts), stopped subscribing to NME :p and now I feel a sense of...loss.

I really do miss it all. I miss seeing bands and feeling that bass in my chest. I miss hearing about new and upcoming bands and pouring all my money on cd's just so I could have the album art work! When I hear my friends talk about new music I feel really left out and sad.

Now how can someone just stop listening to music? Well I didn't stop...I just never kept up...if this makes sense to anyone...It just got exhausting for me and I think I ruined the thing I loved most. Somehow, somewhere It just wasn't the same for me anymore....

I guess this post is more like my "adios" to the indie culture thing...

To the arctic monkeys, we are scientists, klaxons, the view, the wombats, Does it offend you, yeah?, and CSS...etc etccccc I have to give you guys a huge thank you! My teenage years would not of been the same without these bands in it. Through them I met some of my best friends, had some of the most sweaty concerts I've ever been too, and unforgettable mind blowing experiences. There will always be a place in my heart for indie bands and for the indie kids...just not to an insane extent! lol
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Good for you :) Music can do so much for a person. Ya "indie funk" is defiantly the right words to described how i felt at the time!

You're saying goodbye to CSS?!? Noooo! haha I get what you mean though. When I first discovered indie music I just wanted to get my hands on any song because it was all amazing, then it got to be a hassle to keep up with new artists and songs so I was in a bit of an..I guess you could say "indie funk." then after a while I started to get back to listening to new artists because once I'd hear a new song or artist, I knew I had to find more. I just can't stay away from indie music.