A Tad Bit Elitist

I love indie music and all the amazing, creative ways indie artists are finding to express themselves in their music (cough...Animal Collective...cough)...which is why I absolutely hate when I hear my favorite, unique, not that well-known bands on the radio. It just ruins it for me. I mean I'm glad that the bands are getting a wider range of listeners but it doesn't always mean success. I just want the bands I like to not end up on the radio..or on some car commercial (ehmmm..Phoenix). Once you go mainstream you can't call yourself indie. By the way when I refer to the radio I'm not including college radio stations or SIRIUS XM college indie underground radio. I'm referring to crap like KIIS FM.
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Down with mainstream society

I sort of feel the same way, but I believe that there should be a balance between Total Obscurity and Sellout Mainstream Popularity. When that happens, you have a band that is loved by everybody, yet isn't victim to the "sellout image", as I like to call it. But that's just my opinion. I respect yours too. =)

I feel the same way, when bands that i love start becoming more popular and people start talking about them, it seems to lose the magic for me. <br />

Nice to know that there are people like you around!....sometimes I wonder....lol

I feel you on that, but I don't mind when they have a song on the radio and then they don't play any follow up songs. It gives people a chance to get a taste of better music instead of the garbage they are force fed. But It kills me when they actually take of in the mainstream and then change their style to sell more albums.

I still love Matt and Kim and they are basically as commercial as McDonalds, sure we would all love our favourite bands to not be *** sucking sell out merchants but we live in an imperfect word, I truly believe that Metal is the last true bastion of bands not always selling their soul *waits for slipknot to start be played over a ford focus advert*

I liked Matt and Kim before they were on every commercial. I know that sounds dumb but it's like not only did they become popular, but they got played out to me. When artists become popular the media will play their music until our ears bleed. Just look at the dearly beloved The Black Keys. They're everywhere and I'm trying to still like them but the more commercials and shows they're on the harder it is to.

I see where you're coming from,its not so much about being anarchic and having "HATE POPULAR CULTURE" for me its as simple as having to hear a song I once loved on every f%£king advert and movie music montage,I just do what ive always done and wait 6months play the album again and if I can forgive them for being the background music for easy cheese singles then I truly love them

And AnCo is one of my favs. Feels is one of my fav albums of all time. Have you listened to Panda Bear?

Animal Collective is definitely one of my favorites. When I first heard them I was like what the hell is this?!? Then I heard "hey light" and I just fell in love with their music. Very different and they always keep their listeners on their toes because their music is very unexpected. Yeah I've listened to Panda Bear. Amazing! And it definitely feels like I'm still listening to Animal Collective, which is good because when band members go solo their music sounds different than their band music. I like that his still has some Animal in it. haha


I'm the same way....the radio is the worst thing ever. Fact.