My First Attempt....

About two months ago, I finally decided to purchase a manual breast pump online. I had been looking at them online for a few months prior and would get so wet and horny looking at them....anyone would think I was watching ****! haha There's no way I could've bought one in a shop. I would've been so embarassed if someone came up to me and asked me if I'd like so help etc. "Oh yeah...I was wondering if this pump will help me get going on my erotic lactation adventure?" ;)
The pump arrived in the mail two days later and I was sooo excited - it was like opening a Christmas present! I was creaming my pants!! haha
My kids were away for a few days so I got to work straight away. I ******** off to the waist, sat on the couch and positioned the suction cup on my right breast and then started pumping. Ooohh it felt so good! I could see and feel my nipple being tugged with each looked so good. With my left hand I squeezed and pinched my erect nipple....I cupped my left breast in my hand, lifted it up and let it fall....loving the feel of it bounce down. After about ten minutes, I swapped sides and made sure neither boob got preferential treatment ( they can get jealous you know ;)
Over the next few days I repeated this process three times a day and was amazed to see a couple of tiny droplets of clear and also yellow-tinged milk. I know this isn't "proper" milk but was encouraged to know that if I really wanted to give relactating a serious attempt, I think if would happen fairly quickly. When I breastfed my son, I had a tonne of milk....
Anyway, I decided to give it a break after about 5 days as as much as I was enjoying the experience....and often ************ once I'd finished a session....I was getting RSI from using the manual pump!! My hands were so sore....and my nipples were getting sore as I think I pumped for nearly an hour one session while watching tv...
After reading EP stories and talking to other "lactaters" I've decided to get a double electric pump as I just can't put this fetish to rest....I really want to experience feeding a man in this way. Stay tuned for my second attempt ;)
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I understand what you mean. I was looking at breast pumps in my local discount store and I was afraid someone would catch me looking! I left the store with my panties soaked and my breasts heavy and sore! I am not giving up, though. I will do this... just with manual stimulation I have a few drops and can taste it when I suck my own nipples.

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