My $600 Erotic Toy!

Well after weeks of researching online, thinking about purchasing online, thinking about buying one from a shop....I finally lashed out and bought the best double electric breast pump on the market. I can't believe I spent so much money on it but....WTF if I'm going to have a proper crack at this, only the best will do ;) I also ordered some Domperidone from an American site....I feel like I've done something illegal ;)
So I finally picked the shop that I was going to buy the pump from. It was a big shop and it was Saturday afternoon so I figured that the sales staff would be pretty busy and not have time to ask me any questions. I decided to dress like a tired bedraggled new Mum so out came the track pants and hoodie. I decided to walk in there, grab it and pay for it, see you later. Fortunately when I went in, the staff were busy so I walked straight to the section I needed, grabbed the box, didn't bother looking at the price and headed straight to check out. When she told me it would be $671 I did a double take. "Really?! I thought they were between $400-$500?" She smiled at me and whispered "I'll take 10% off for you" So that came down to $611 and my friend slipped me $50 bucks the other night so I guess it did cost between $400-$500 in the end!
Then when I got home, I checked the carpark to see if it was empty and quickly caught the lift up to my apartment hoping that I wouldn't bump into any neighbours " having another one? I thought you were looking a bit chubby!" haha
When I got it inside I unpacked it all and it was like opening a Christmas present but then feeling confused because you can't quite work out what it is! There was plastic and cardboard and paper and bubble wrap....instructions in 42 different languages....Took me a while to work out what was what ( kind-of ) and then I washed the pieces that I'd need before I started pumping. I was scared that when I took the pieces apart, I would forget how they went back together ( sure enough I didn't put it back together properly! ) I felt like needed an engineering degree to get the whole thing together!
So I was so excited that I plugged the machine into the nearest power point which was against the bookshelf and took off the top half of my dressing gown and pushed my nipples into the cups. Holding the two cups and turning on the machine at the same time was a challenge but I got it working. ( If I hadn't had my socks on I could've used my toes - mental note for next time ) It started making a low hum in the "stimulation" phase but I couldn't feel anything. I turned it up and it became quite it was going to take off and my neighbour was just stepping into the hallway and I felt quite embarassed wondering if she could hear the weird groaning sounds that the machine was making. After checking everything, and then going back to the instruction manual, I realised that I had put something back-to-front and once I had corrected this......I started it again and Ooooohhhh was it lovely! The "stimulation" phase last for 2 minutes and it feels like fast gentle tugs on your nipples. It felt like my nipples were being teased. I felt my ***** starting to there was a pump connected to it too! After 2 minutes it went into "expression" mode and this is when it made long groaning noises ( like it was getting off on my ****! ) and it pulled longer and harder on my nipples. I was really impressed at how realistic it felt. I felt like I had two babies on my nipples....and then I imagined having 2 men on them instead...looking up at my complete appreciation and adoration. I closed my eyes and tipped my head back and zoned out to this lovely image for a good 10 minutes. When I took the cup off, my boobs were pink and moist from being in the cups. I pinched each nipple a few times and saw some clear specks of fluid. I touched the fliud with my fingertips and licked it....
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Which pump did you buy? Are you happy with it???

How about an update? Actually, how about some background, too. Are you single? A mother? Were you lactating when you bought the pump? Now the big question: have you successfully induced lactation?

Wow I can suckle for free

Never knew ***** milking could be so expensive! Dam!

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

Did u ********** simultaneously. Best thing is a **** with a real guy when your breasts are being pampered.

I would have loved to save you the money! Why didn't you just ask?

vary good story sound so good

You could've saved me $600 Mr B!!

I love a good bargain. :)

I never thought it got boring at all. It actually was a great build up, I felt like helping you rush from your car to the apartment running like thieves!

It sounded delicious wish I could have been there to help. (But then you wouldn't have needed a pump after all!)