Good For The Soul

I had never really experienced this peaceful music until I joined a yoga class.

Once in a while, I would hear it dusting over the stereos in various shops, but the feeling of peace & quiet didn't float in until I actually relaxed my body with yoga and allowed it to enter. It's a wonderful emotion of happiness and peace. A perfect moment.

The sounds created from the various instruments on these cd's are very soothing to me, and I love it. Not only for yoga anymore, but also as I do chores around the house or if I'm feeling blue. I also enjoy putting it on as I'm working on my art or sewing. The only drawback is now and then finding myself sleepy, hence, not getting my list done. But what a nice excuse.

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Nice. Which type of relaxing Cds are these and do you think you can really appreciate them if you've been taught yoga techniques only?