Go Go Gadget Pictures!

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Awww. I'm sorry. I miss it too.. All they make is crap these days anyway, lol. They should bring back Inspector Gadget.

Yes really! Why the hell not? She was a real heroine. Penny figured out all of Dr Claws plans and Brain disguised himself as a M.A.D. agent (usually, but also as other people) and saved Gadget's *** evry time he got himself into trouble. <br />
That was not a transcript of the words of course it was just a transcript of how I sing the theme-tune to myself. There's no Doobie-doo-ing in the lyrics of the them-tune.

That was an impressive transcript :DD<br />
Lol a crush on Penny! Really :D?<br />
<br />
TM, that was back in the day...

Doobie-doobie-do<br />
Inspector Gadget<br />
Doobie-doobie-do-do-oo<br />
Whoo-hoo<br />
Doobie-doobie-do<br />
Inspector Gadget<br />
Dum-bah-dum-bah-dah<br />

Oh cooool!! :D<BR>I just posted the opening sequence in the videos section.<BR><BR>I had a crush on Penny.. for years! *lol* She's so intelligent and courageous. :) I love Brain too, he's one smart doggie!

*sigh* those were the days! I can even play the theme tune on the guitar :D