Life Is So Precious

Life is so precious,
this we all know,
Live it wisely,
and let yourself glow.

Cling to it desperately,
knowing full well,
How long will we be here,
only time will tell.

God gave us this gift,
this we all know,
Never take it for granted,
live it and grow.

Life is so short,
just a second in time,
I will spend it wisely,
for this time is mine.

Thank you Lord,
for this gift you have given,
Thank you for the life I have,
and the life I am livin',

And when it is over,
I say to thee fairwell,
I know I am heaven bound,
life's been so swell.

My wife and my kids,
I love with all my heart,
I know when I die,
we will then have to part.

Only for a little while,
God only knows,
Will we reunite again,
in his heavenly glow.

The street paved with gold,
where pain is not known.
And our suffering, and sorrows,
may never be shown.

An existence of Grace,
in his heavenly glory,
May we repeat our existence,
our love, and our story.

Titan007 Titan007
22-25, M
2 Responses May 7, 2010

Hello Titan007,Your writing was moving.Thank you for sharing the depths of your being.XO

beautiful, true, heart felt and very well exspressed..<br />
love it!