Lullaby For Liam

I shall not give to you a heritage of splintered dreams
that slushed down the sink with stale beer
and squeezed out tears of pain
for all the years that might have been
If I had lived.. instead of killing dead my heart.. bit by bit
with breaking rage and chunks of sorrow
passion which guilt turned sour..
And then misunderstanding took my soul
and crashed it into the night..

I shall not go desperately dying into life,
the enemy that dares to take the seas surge
from our eyes I shall defy
And drag to helll and back and shake the skull of suicide

Which says the gift will be ungiven
and the hope denied

No, for we shall sing and eat the sweets
of victory.. Lie peaceful down your head my son
this hunger will not be quieted nor fully fed
Not before we hold the stars, and until then
We will go a'brawling and wooing life
There's fights to be fought and battles won

But never in the name of life
Direct our own undoing
Nor allow while we breathe
That life should be undone..

~ Nancy McCready

Mountaingirl07 Mountaingirl07
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1 Response Oct 3, 2011

I don't agree with a cry against suicide, at least not my own, but this is a very excellent poem, whether I agree with its premise or not. and it's one of those odd synchronicities that you should put up a poem for someone called Liam today. My cat Liam died nine years ago on October 3rd.