I'm Off On An Adventure

I'm off on an adventure,
I'm on my way to Heaven.
I'll take the golden walkway, right up to the pearly gates,
I'll close me eyes and hold my breathe as you decide my fate,
I'll look up into your loving eyes and take a gasp of air,
because nothing in the world can compare to me standing there,
you will reach out your loving hands, and whisper it's okay,
as you hold me close my heart will beat and a soft lullaby shall play,
as you cleanse me of my hurts and wrongs we shall fly away.
Oh God,
Oh Lord, please can we fly, far, far away,
One thing I have to ask Lord,
Can you go into my life and rid me of my past,
Because for every smile there once was,
A pain soon followed fast.
It engulfed my heart in blackness and clouded up my mind.
Made me think this is worthless and you a waste of time,
but your healing love is stronger and for the sake of all broken souls,
your love lasts that much longer.
So as I join you amongst angels high,
I'll become a guardian angel,
and maybe save someones life.
So as my last words stand true,
My dear family I will always love you.
knifeb4life knifeb4life
18-21, F
Dec 3, 2012