Outside Looking In

I am outside looking out.
trying to figure this belonging thing out.

determined to find the key,
to unlock the parts, I think have left me.

Here I am sorting through life,
surrounded by situations that cut like a knife.

Questioning as I began to grow cold,
and life's experiences take there tole,
tired, because all this searching is getting old.

Wondering did I not get what I was told?
I think I was prepped for the wrong role.

Still looking with a tear hidden behind my eye
holding my head down, letting out a sigh.

Finally, I think, I get it...It's the other way around...
could it have been my inside telling me to come in, and look around?
rlwnation rlwnation
41-45, F
2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Not come in but get out and look around for there is a world to see and people to meet that are looking for you. Life is but taking a trail in wood that will always choices, never turn back for one you skipped as the next turn may get you there quicker. Gather another friend.

This is a good writing, thanks for sharing