From Fungirlmmm...Thank You My Dear!


Its in her status today and its fabulous, I just had to save and share:
"...the glass isn't half full OR half's just too big! Get a smaller glass and then it will be overflowing!!"
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7 Responses Jun 18, 2010

Thank you Marzu. That's great that your mum had a positive perspective :~)

Yep, it did for me uncenus.

words has the power to bring a reaction.

Thank You destiney24 and HisCollaredSoul.

Great quote.

Awww, thank you fungirlmmm. I know here it'll last longer than 3 days and it should anyhow, its very profound!

Awww thanks. I would love for us to all be able to have positive statuses. I love this and I thank you. I am not sure how many people look at my status but here it may touch many more people. Thanks again. You are beautiful.