My Own.

Well since I first wrote this piece a few months ago I've been told and complimented on it so....I figured I'd post it in here. What the hell:

"There is a lot of animosity in the world and there is a lot of bullshit, asinine bullshit. Now I'm not saying everything happens for a reason but I am saying everything has a positive side, everything. Sometimes you just can't see it. A door is always open, even if it's just open a crack. You see life is hell, and some people's lives are worse than hell but you have to find your piece of peace and your portion of heaven and live for it. You can dwell on hell, the hell in the world, the hell in your life but if your focus is hell and pain you're going to become depressed whereas if you shift your focus to your euphoria you shall live content Mine is music. I don't require anything else, I feel one with the world, with my mind and my soul while playing music. That's mine, find yours. Because the feeling is amazing, doing what you love.Whatever it may be. An euphoric lifestyle is one to live. Age doesn't matter, **** it. You only get one spin,one roll of the dice. Death is inevitable but that doesn't mean one tragic event can kill you, you don't want to die emotionally before you're dead. You only get one life. Now whether heaven or hell exist I am not sure. One lifetime, live it doing what makes you happy. No coming back, no starting over. **** it, just live. Screw the labels and **** people because there are some tried and true fools and some genuine wicked people. Associate yourself with the opposite of those people. Find an outlet, plug in and gut yourself. Let all emotion spill out. Harboring feelings is not healthy. We all need an outlet. Or you end up dying before you've either lived or much before you're supposed to die. Establish your lifestyle, your beliefs. Don't fawn the oppressors to stay content. Don't feed into ****. High school seems to stay in everyday life. Everybody wants to sit at the popular table. You have to choose your clique, you gotta be this religion, this political label. This and this and this...No, you don't. Life is way too ******* short for that. Dissipate all drama to the best of your ability."

- Me

People's usual reaction is I am a pot-head I swear to God I'm not. Ha ha ha ha...
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Jan 9, 2013