I always i'll be something BIG one day.. starting from an early age a dreamed alot.. i wish to became an archaeologist even when i was 6th grade i gave a speech bout it.. I loved many too do many things like sketching/painting, singing,acting. But wasn't nt sure bout picking up a career option. Days past dreams changed. I m confused, shattered and BLANK now... :|
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2 Responses Aug 24, 2011

Try to think what gives you pleasure, what moves you, what makes you feel needed? and then the answer will come to you, if you search for it. Good luck in search!

Hey you shouldn't loose hopes man.You are still young with whole life ahead of you.I will tell you about myself man because frankly I do feel connected. I am working in a job which I don't like because i really need money.In this job I face racism on a daily basis because I am an indian guy and all my colleagues are danish. I also had dreams but sometimes life is different from dreams.The sooner we realize this the better it is. <br />
But please don't loose your hopes,your time will come.May god be with you.