To Feel

your skin on mine.  Your hand moving down my back and my hand moves along the back of your neck as I feel your hair tickle my hand.  You move closer to me, or I to you.  We embrace with a hug and a warmth between us as our naked bodies touch each other, you feel the hair on my chest touching your breasts and tickling your nipples, the feeling of your hands moving along my defined back tracing the shape of my strong muscles down to my bottom.

Feeling the side of your breast along my arm and my hand at the small of your back feeling the top of your *** and hand moving to cup the apple shape.

You moan as I grasp, your lips moist and wet are so inviting leaning up to look at me, I move my head down and touch your lips with mine, your mouth opens and our tongues touch and wrestle each other to feel every part of the other.

Your arm wraps around my neck pulling me in tightly, I pull you tight against me feeling your ***** against my hardening ****, you love the feeling of me growing against your skin.

The smell of your skin is intoxicating, the musk of your body thick in my nostrils, breathing you in deeply, your leg moves up along mine as my hand follows along then you wrap me in your leg and hold on so tight and not to let the feeling go.

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4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

Will be over shortly to hold you till you go to sleep my dear.....

you betcha! ;-) *wink*

Would you like to hold on to tonight sweet Pix?