What She Does Not Say To You

Women provide men a companion that will fully trust and give of themselves as long as we let them know how much they mean to us. Understanding a woman's desire is not in what she says, but in what she shows you. Give her chills, make her sigh, let her know her satisfaction is meaningful, and the floodgates to her desire shall open up for you, and only you.

A light caress with a finger in the right place may send tingles of anticipation throughout her body. Soften those tingles with a warm, moist kiss, then excite them again with a slow exhale over her wet skin. When she is torn between what you are doing, and wanting you, her mind is now speaking the language of her body.

Just my slant on things:  I believe intellectual sex is about helping the mind understand the desires of the body.

We all have difficulty expressing our wants, but the body speaks without thought and all we have to do is listen. The real understanding is not in what she says.
Seiai Seiai
41-45, M
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I wish my husband could somehow know and/or learn (indirectly, of course [no one can "teach" him anything, as {I believe} he is unwilling to "learn"]) from you! He'd never join EP . . . he's not even on FB (or LinkedIn for that matter). Heck, he even refuses to have texting on his cell phone! (I think the only reason he has even a cell phone is because he knew I "needed" one (feeling vulnerable being "out and about" with babies and/or young children) and/or recognized the usefulness of me having one, and then since it's only around ten dollars extra per month for his line he figured he might as well have one!)

Yay! Good work on this writing!!

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I agree with your post...I find that if my body reacts to something, it's real. I don't analyze it, I don't think about it, I just react. If I talk to someone with a pit in my stomach or nervousness, I know to run far, far away. But if a simple phrase or a slow laugh gives me chills, I know we're on the right path.

Cherish those moments, they go a long way in understanding what you need with someone you can have. My hopes in the near future that you need not ever have to use the word "sadly" again.

I've never had a problem getting someone to talk...it's the listening part. For the first time, I've had someone that talks 'with' me and listens to me...really listens. We are emotionally and physically connected. He knows I desire him and only him. He knows when I show him. He is all I could ever want...sadly, I can't have him.