Unity Of The Mind Is The Best

Only to people of equal intelligence can have a consensual relationship.  The one with more money could factor in but if they are not intelligent they will soon loose it.

A woman's brain is the sexiest part about her, no matter her shape. I tend to find good things about all shapes & sizes if a woman if true to herself intellectually.  Most of us guys think we are 99% smarter & better looking than we are, most women have no idea how beautiful they are. 

A woman's flaws make her personality better, the more flaws in general the better the personality. I have met some late bloomers that had great personalities with few flaws, but in general a certain amount of flawed humility makes a sexier intelligent woman complete.

1Bob 1Bob
61-65, M
1 Response Mar 4, 2010

Sexy sexy sexy... I think I know what's on your mind.