The Best Women Are Those That Think

It's hard to have a releationship if there is nothing to discuss...

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7 Responses Mar 13, 2009

Oh man, i tell you all now!!<br />
A Smart woman with a good personality leads to ENDLESS conversations, Fun memories and Colourful contradictions.<br />
<br />
Honestly, my girlfriend - soon to be wife.. Contradicts me on logical things.<br />
I swear it really gets on my nerves but i'm grateful for it, i'm grateful she has the common sense and intelligence level to contradict me on things, just so i don't make stupid decisions.<br />
<br />
Face it. A pretty face that only talks about dull minded things is going to lead you to two things.<br />
<br />
1. Restraining order<br />
2. Shoot yourself in the foot.<br />
<br />
Anyway. Intelligence and a nice smile is classed as beauty. I've said what i wanted to say but i hope you liked it!!

I'm a guy, and I like smart women. My grandmother was a teacher and my mom was very smart.

I'm incredibly attracted to a man right now because of his thinking...I think he like me for the same reason...I'm old enough to know I'm smart.

Well said, GA. We also love smart men who let our minds shine!

Really? <br />
You are the first one who loves intelligent women, but I really doubt it could ever be possible. <br />
Men always get frustrated by men or women that are too smart and overeducated - in most cases men either avoid them or try to ruin their lives. True and really balanced partnership between equally smart/intelligent and sensitive woman and man can hardly be possible in this world where 99,999% of all men believe they are superior only because of their physical advantage or unlawful disadvantages.

Smart women are very sexy ...

Some men don't get that.<br />
<br />
One told me I was "too logical". I took it as a compliment.

well he is a fool.i like a woman who can think for themselves.

That's a great thing! I wish I could think on a more logical basis sometimes.