New Years Eve Party

I had a new years eve party at my place. The pary was fun, lots of friends, and drinking. Ater midnight the party died down, and by 1am everyone was gone except for me, my best friend "Joe", and another mutual friend of ours " Fred" who was there with his new girlfriend "Jess" who coincidentally used to be a ********. My buddy had told me she was a crazy one, and we soon found out. We were just hanging out, had some more drinks, suggested we play some poker. We all go tup and went into the kitchen to the table and I got out the chips and the cards whil everyone got situated. I sat down, and I was joking, good thing I'm not drunker, or I;d be naked by now (true) Joe and Fred laughed becasue they have see me at my worst before. We played a hand or two, and then we decided that the losers fo the hand had to take a shot. So 4 shots later we were all realy drunk. Then it happened. Jess stood up and lifted off her shirt and bra in one motion, revealing her small but perky *******. Her long brown hair hug over her nipples covering them perfectly, but after a minture or tow her hair had shifter and her hard nipples were poking through her hair. She eventually filled her hair back and arched her back giving us all a good view of her titts. I said out loud " Oh My god, ******* unbelieveable, Jess you are awesome, Fred, you're a lucky *** bastard", Joe said "damn" outloud, and I coul tell Jess was lovig the attention.

We continued playig poker for a while longer, she remained topless the entire time. She stood up and got us a round of beers and held the cans on her nipples, making them even harder. Fred reached up and pinched her nipples in forn tof us, she moaned out loud, and pulled his chait out with him still in it. She set the beers down nthe table and started giving Fred a lap dance. Soon her jeans were off, and she was down to her thong. She was gyrating her *** in his face, she reached down for her thong with one hand, and placed her finger acrcoss her lips giving is the "shhhhhhhhhhh" sign. She moved her thong to the side, showing Joe and I her bald *****, her **** was popped out, she played with it as she continued to grind her *** agasint Freds face. She turned and was rubbign her **** in Freds face now, she reached back moved her thong again, sliding a finger in her ***** and rubbing her *******, she pulled her finger out of her ***** and stuck it in Freds mouth. Fred gobbled it up licking and suckign on it. SHe looked at Fred and as if she was askign for permision, Fred nodded, and she took off her thong, and lifted her leg up placing her foot o my kitchen table, reached down and was playing with her protruding ****. Fred dropped to his knees and started sucking on her. Jess reached behind and started playing with her *******. I couldn't take it anymore, I said "Fred I can't hlep it" I stood up and a went over and reahed for her titts. She smaked at my hands "NO" I'm in charge here, sit down. I sat down, rubbing the lump in my jeans. She stopped fred from eating her, and told him to sit down. She opend his jeans and pulled his **** out, and straddled over him with her back to Fred guiding his **** into her *****. She slammed her pelvis onto his **** and starte gyrating on it. She pinted at me and said, ok now come here, I waled over and stood in front of her reachign for her titts again, she upzipped my jeans and pushed them down, my **** popped out in her face. She grabbed me by the hips opened her mouth and pulled my **** into her mouth until she choked and pushed me back a little. Joe was so drunk he was falling over so we forgot about him.

Jess sucked on my **** as she ****** Fred until he came, then she got off of him and bent over at the waist and said " sloppy seconds" I pushed the tip into her ***** all wet with Freds load. " don't *** in me" she said. I grabbed her by the hips, and slammed into her, she held on to Fred still in the chair for support. I was close to ******* and she remined me " don;t *** in my *****" so I said " how about your ***"? " yes now" she said I puled out and pushed it into her ***. She screamed as it went in " YES YES" I started pounding her *** soon I came deep inside her, Fred high fived me.
akamario akamario
36-40, M
May 18, 2012