Mysterious Little Girl In My Dream

Okay, im 16 years old and my cousin and I decided to stay up until 7AM. When I finally went to sleep I started to dream about this baby girl. At first in the dream, I was in the hospital holding her. She was brand new and a few seconds later it skipped to her being about 2-3 years old. She just learned to walk. I still don't understand who she is, a sister or possibly my daughter? Back to the dream,  suddenly we were back at the hospital. The doctor told me she had surgery and had to have wires to keep her heart beating. Im not sure why because I really dont know her but it completely tore me apart after she had the surgery. When I held her again I looked below her left shoulder and I could see the scars and feel the whatever they put in her under her skin. Then it randomly skipped again and I couldn't find her. I ran outside and seen her walking down this dirt road. She turned and seen me and ran to me and I picked her up and she told me " I love you"  in her 2yr old voice. Then I woke up. Its seriously has been worrying me sick and I feel like I need to meet her. I also feel heart broken and attached to this little girl. She looked alot like me. Almost identical. I feel like I need to go to her.

rooralston rooralston
18-21, F
Jul 28, 2010