Sucking A Big Black **** .

hi.iam indian woman iam 33 years i am married iam very pretty with a big *** .i went with my husband on holidays. we were in hotel my husband left get somethings .he took two hours to come back the cleaner of the room came to clean bathroom he is black 6,5 in he saw me .wow you very pretty .i said thank you .i feel something never feel before. i look at him .i start to feelhorny .i hear black men have big ***** .my ***** start to get wet .my h.usband **** is 5' long he is the first and the only **** i ever .had. iwent to my room put on short skirt .no panties .i really want to see this big black **** .isaw him coming from bathroom i bent and iknow he saw .he said mam that looks great ikeep bending and smile .mam can come closer .yes come .ilook at hiscrotch i saw biggest hump .he came closer may i torch your ..*** yes .i feel his big hands then ifeel his **** sliding onmy ***. it was so big i turn and look and he said to me have you ever see anything like this .i said no never would like to suck a black ****** ****. i turn he took his **** and told me to open my mouth .then head is so big .he then started ******* my mouth .he made me hold it with my two hands his **** is about 11;inches he keep me sucking his **** for ten minutes. he then told he never had indian ***** .i were scared he is going **** me very hard . he told me to turn around he licking my ******* then said i want to **** this *** .then he stand up put his between my asscheeks rubbing his big **** up and down .he then spit on ***** i could his big head entering my **** it was so tight it could go in he then made one hard push te head went in then another hard push .i started to sceam i said to him stop i cannot take it did he didnot stop .he kept ******* me with only half of his **** he me if i like it itold him yes ilove it.then one hard push and 11' went in icry he never **** iever had he told me that he wants **** my bigass he **** my *** .iam ******* your *** to remember my ****** ****.
foever foever
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Wow, what a great story, you sound as though you had a wonderful ****, and enjoyed a nice big black ****, I live in a country with a large Indian population and i love the Indian women.
I have a special friend and was only talking with her on the phone this morning, she and I have got together a few times and made out but have not ****** yet, she is married and younger than myself, has a nice body and gets very turned on just kissing and felling each other, so we have a lot more fun to have in then future, she loves holding onto my ****, she almost hurts it she gets so turned on especially when I suck and bite her nice ****.
Tell me more about yourself please, mike