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Just This

Feel your hand on mine, your fingers playing with mine tenderly; your soft caress in my hair and neck. Lean against you and feel your body warmth. Run my fingers across your smooth, golden, youthful skin and in your matted, crazy hair.

Brush past you and feel my heart skip a beat, or two, or three.

Wake up next to you and feel happiness ooze inside me like a warm stream.
DancingFox DancingFox 31-35, F 5 Responses Aug 24, 2010

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'Wake up next to you and feel happiness ooze inside me like a warm stream.' -i love this line!!! that's exactly what it feels like, to wake up with someone you love.

I'm glad you like it =)

Yes this is very close to what it's all about and should be about. Even without the sex and kissing, when I touch my wife skin it is like a drug and literally can stop my breath from knowing the many times when things were good and intimacy and sex were a large part of our marriage what true pleasure I was aboiut to feel Thank you Menopause for taking that all away

I love that you words create such magical images.

Beautiful. It's poetry. I have something similar in my blog: "Earth, Sky, You."

Wow Clem that is such intimate prose!