First Date In A While

All you female friends of mine in EPland. I need some suggestions. Many of you know that I'm getting a divorce. I was married almost 33 years, so it's been a while since I've been with another woman. I may be a little rusty in the romancing thing. I have a woman coming for supper in four or five hours. She works with me sometimes, so I don't want to **** this up. I want to get her into my bed. How are some of the ways I can do that. I need the female point of view fast!
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Hope you like it.

LOL. NO, but guess I should check that out, eh?? <br />
Seriously, let the night play out on it's own. Don't be pushy, but go by her clues. Some people would say she probably doesn't want to "jump in bed" this first time, but hey... you never know! Maybe those other visits to your house was FORE-visits for tonight! LOL. Good luck and reguardless of how things play out... HAVE FUN! :)<br />
*off to read blog*~~~~~~~~~~~

Did you ever read my fantasy blog about screwing on a pool table?

Forget the bed! Throw her up on the table and have her for dessert!! :D

Thanks, babe.

It's a little more than just sex. Someone I can do things with.

If you just want someone to sleep with, I HIGHLY suggest you find a woman who you DON'T work with... Try a bar for that kind of quick attention.

Thank you, honey.

That's what I was thinking and hoping for.

hmmm hard one to answer all females are different guess just take things slow maybe a few dates you dont want to scare her away by being pushy I on the other hand if someone wants to have sex with me and I agreed to have dinner with them than I obviously like them and want them to be up front with me cause if I agreed to dinner with them than sex is prob on my mind before the night is up. :-) good luck

Yes, I do like her. She and I talk at work all the time. Many times she goes out of her way to come over and talk to me. I don't want to simply get her into bed. But I do want to feel a warm, naked female body against mine again.

LOL, that is honest. I hope it goes well for you. Nice to start dating when you know yourself so much better

Do you actually like her or just want to get her into bed? Sheesh! Maybe spend some time getting to know her as more than someone you work with for awhile first. If you really need relief, God did give you two hands and a lock on the bathroom door. Just sayin'<br />
<br />
Congrats on starting a new part of your life :)

I want to do it in a more romantic manner, not just grab her *****. Thanks for the comment.