The Repayment Part 9

Home or the house perhaps was not the right place to come after such a sweet occurrence. Shrey and Frank were watching a football match on the television when the Two For Joy entered.
Shrey - Man, where were you? Come on, freshen up and come to the table. Today we have made a special continental for you all.
Bandhu - Yes Shrey, give us a few minutes.
Shrey lost his words on hearing Bandhu speak. His ears couldn’t believe that Bandhu had ever spoken. His eyes quirked on Siksha’s, as if asking how did this miracle happen. It was now Siksha’s turn to boast like a flag and she gave a winning smile entering the other room. It seemed that the mission was complete, targets achieved, ambitions fulfilled, goals retrieved, battles won, challenges overcame, queries resolved, problems solved, wounds healed and Bandhu cured.
Amidst all these, had this been noticed that ever since the lovebirds had entered, Frank was silent. Bandhu noticed it but was not sure, whether it was due to anger or remorse or restlessness or relentlessness or egotism or arrogance or hypocrisy.
The table was ready for the supper but lacked table manners due to absence of Frank.
Shrey - Come on buddy. We are waiting for you.
Frank - Don’t mind me. I am not interested in spoiling your flavor with my mood.
Shrey - Cherish, relish and stomachs full changes moods.
Frank - I prefer, finishing off my drink first. Don’t bother me. Please continue.
The unwanted tension surmounted by word lacking activities. Siksha was first to begin. Shrey followed Siksha and Bandhu preferred to eat the Indian style. He never felt comfortable with fork and knife. The emptiness prevailed, creating the existence of terror and the vacuum smelt of an avalanche. The supper had its silent way through, under the supervision of a strict warden called time.
Bandhu was kissed goodnight after the tiring day. Moreover the sleeping process was hurried because Bandhu’s normalcy could have sensed the tension vibrating.
After making Bandhu comfortable with the sleep, Siksha came back to the living room where she found Frank sleeping on the couch. She switched off the television and sat in front of the fireplace. Her expression was seriously thinking over something perhaps the breaking and remaking of earth. Shrey who brought in a chair to sit beside her intruded her seriousness.
Shrey - Congrats. Your patient seems to be cured. Now let me take him back to India.
Siksha - But the treatment has only come up till seventy five percent. One single depressive blow could land him back to square one. The remaining twenty five percent shall secure him fully.
Shrey - Whatever it is. Don’t you feel that it has been too much? I blame myself fully as I was the one who had diplomat the start.
Siksha - You should not blame yourself because things happen only when they are ought to happen. You were only a source towards happening. Events somehow had to vandalize it but what’s new about it? Every thing had been presumed before. I had to transform into his Siksha of dreams. This sacrifice was required to make him good.
Shrey - That’s well done till now but hasn’t this sacrifice become a bit more demanding. There is still time Siksha. Back up and pack up.
And an object fell behind them. What could it possibly be? O God, it was Bandhu. He had heard them. What now? Bandhu fell on the ground senseless. This time even luck might not support them and Bandhu may sink again. Something drastic had to be done. Flood couldn’t be allowed on ploughed land. One of the most dangerous problems in the field of psychotics is the problem faced by misunderstanding, with which every doctor is cautious enough and unluckily it had stroked Bandhu. The magician felt betrayed by her wand but the show had to continue.
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Dec 1, 2011