A Part Of My Life.

It was July. A little humid for a mid-summers eve, but not uncomfortable.

My stomach was tight, like I had just done a hundred sit ups.

She had bright red hair. Her 5'6" frame seemed like something out of a dream.

So feminine.

I had decided that I wanted to get to know her better. We held hands and talked about the usual , day to day, mundane stuff.

I sensed my erection from the moment I held her hand.

Her brother and I were best of friends.

It was on that grassy knoll, while we kissed and made out that I had to make a decision. And a difficult decision.

To my astonishment, I had her blouse open and was feeling her supple breasts over the top of her bra and was working on getting down to her most private area.

After working feverishly to get her jeans undone, and being shocked that she did not resist, I felt the elastic of her panties.

My hand slowly worked it's way toward the prize. I was beside myself. My imagination was running wild and I could not believe that I was able to get to this point!

Then, it happened. This is a true story too. She started to giggle.

I don't know if her laughter was a turn off for me, or, if it was just one of life's moments.

All I know is that I shared an intimate moment with a gorgeous red haired girl.

It was a moment when intimacy became a serious part of my life.
Eugenethemagicaljeep Eugenethemagicaljeep
51-55, M
Dec 10, 2011