So There's This Girl

that i've known for years. we met through my stepsister, formerly her best friend.

she's had some rough sport in her life, and i've had some spots in my just rough enough to "get what she's going through". we have grown very close.
this girl and i. we're intimate. we slept together and held each other and told each other everything for three years, never had sex. we might have fooled around a bit, but never more than a little touching, kid stuff, honestly. we just took solace in one another. in feeling safe and warm laying beside each other, hand in hand, and drifting of to sleep.

we had sex once, wasn't a good idea to do so right after she left the abusive fiance and i screwed up a great realtionship with a girl, on top of that face fact i'd only been having sex for about a month at that point and was a less than stellar lover. this didn't change a thing.
we joke about it. because we trust each other with all the gross little secrets that we spend so much of our lives hiding from the rest of the world. because we are truly intimate with each other, and it's beautiful. i think, in trying to write this story, i've come to understand that the power of that can't be put down in ink or typed up in words.

hoping that i'll find a way to explain this better. both two EP and to myself. but if i can't that's ok. she knows what i mean anyway. it's an intimacy thing, we don't need to "tell" each other, we just know.
rujon rujon
18-21, M
Feb 25, 2012