AMAZING Intimacy

I am not talking sex although that is awesome.  I am talking looking deep into each others eyes and holding each other all night. I am talking about kissing intimately for no real reason. I am talking about talking to each other without saying a word.  Has anyone else had this in their lifetime??  Isn't it an amazing experience?

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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Yes, it is truly amazing, isn't it. I definitely do miss that.....Maybe someday.

Take care!

I hope that someday you get that too.

Thank you very much.

Continued success to you young lady!

i have once but now there is none....i am just waiting for my mirror image

fungirl,<br />
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What you are explaining is intimacy and it is wonderful.<br />
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You could achieve this with your brother, sister, mother, father, friend or room mate!<br />
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However sex is just another component of intimacy and without it you can only achieve a certain level of intimacy. <br />
<br />
Sex is the icing on the cake which takes intimacy to the next level greater than that achievable with a non sexual partner.


Blessed I was for many years. It was the best. <br />
Hate past tense!

Hey, darling...I am sorry.

Keep the faith Surf bc you never know where you will find your perfect mate. She may live in VA, or maybe DC but you will find her. Don't be afraid

Fungirl....I hope to in my lifetime to be able to experience that. I'm happy you have been able to.

Fungirl, I wish I could scream YES..... but :(

NIV: & fungirl my wish for you is that you both experience that. <br />
<br />
For medicmoose and I, it's a matter of re establishing that. Finding it again. It begins with that first time he held me - that feeling that I was home.

L4E, Your comments are truly beautiful. Do you have that special person now?

"It was not a roller coaster and she made me feel 100 feet tall all the time." NIV I'm glad you experienced that. It gives me hope. When your mate (it goes both ways) can make you feel that way, nothing else matters. It can lift you out of the lowest place, make you feel like everything will be ok. It will make the highs even greater.

i didn't know this was possible until that moment in time. It was the most awesome experience

I have experienced that to some degree.<br />
I hope I will again but doubt it will happen.

Oh I hope it will. I have faith that it will.

fungirlmmm, I am heartened to hear of your experience. It is hard to carry on after such a moment because you hunger for the same level of oneness that was felt.<br />
My life with Georgette was wonderful. Not that it did not have its challenges from time to time, but whether we agreed or disagreed, the underlying love was always there. It was not a roller coaster and she made me feel 100 feet tall all the time. <br />
Well I could go on for quite a while, but you get the idea. It is wonderful to encounter and cherish the moment, like you are doing. You never know when it may happen again !

NIV, I love when you talk about your wife. I can feel your warmth in your writing whenever you mention her. You were truly soul mates. I have had this with a person and it was amazing. The first night that he and I were together was like we had always known each other. Our bodies wrapped around each other looking into each others eyes. That was the most amazing night of my entire life... really some of the most amazingt times of my life can be traced back to this person. On every level this man is my mirror image. Wow I miss him lol.

I did and it was wonderful. My wife was a wonderful woman and we shared this intimacy on many level, from the emotional to the physical to the sexual. It changed my belief system totally. It made me come to know that heave and hell are here on earth because being with her was heavenly and as good as life could get. I could not imagine a more divine feeling. Finding her was not something I set out to do and it did not happen with the first person I met, so encountering your true soul mate should and will happen, you just never know when.<br />
I now comfort myself with the warm thoughts of our tie shared together and the wonderfulness she brought to my life.

That's definitely what's missing in my life. I hope I can experience that one day.