Lizzie's Misadventure

I was just waking for I could tell as the sun was rose over Mt. Diablo to the east. The light filtered through the rain splattered windows with no blinds on that side of my flat. For some unknown reason I had put blinds up on the west side widows so the neighbors when on their roof of the building next door wouldn’t be looking into my humble abode as they sat slugging down the brewski’s checking out the Golden Gate Bridge to the west or Mount Tamalpais aka “The Sleeping Princess” to the northwest.
Slowly, rolling over on the airbed I hit a warm body. As I slide my leg over her thighs rolling to my left side her hair was all tussled over the pillow, eyes closed, and slight smile was forming with her lips. That blonde hair all highlighted in streaks, some curls, bound up on her head in the center yet falling on the sides was a natural look for this sensuous woman as I saw it. Her lips parted, eyes still closed and a “Good Morning” whispered out of her lips.
My eyes wandered out the windows noticing the fog bank some 3 miles off the coast, morning traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge was bumper to bumper as it approached the toll plaza and a freighter was coming in just past Alcatraz leaving a wake that was reaching the North Point surf break at the south tower of the bridge, giving the local surfers another bump as they waited for the next set.
Looking back down on the smiling face next to me I asked “you ready for some java?”
“Of course I am, you handsome man” she said.
“Well, you’re the gorgeous one around here” I countered.
Pushing me with her left arm as she rolled close, her warm breasts coming in contact with my chest I received a small peck on my neck. The day seemed to be starting off on the right note for once as I embellished her warm lips and body close to me. For once I may have done something right I thought, rolling out of bed, slipping on a robe and firing up the gas stove under the water kettle.
“Care for coffee before or after your shower?”
“I don’t want to get up yet”.
“Okay, lay right there and enjoy the morning, we have all day before you have to take BART out to the airport. You have a 4 o’clock flight, right?” I said as I glanced at her over my shoulder while she smiled at me. Then I noticed my bare *** hanging out because the robe tie was tangled around my feet.
“Okay enough flashing for you, slide up, put some pillows behind your head, coffee and French toast coming right up.”
“Yes, 4 this afternoon check in at 2:30, but, I might trade it for a Maui run tomorrow and spend some more time with you. I just love it here when you make love to me.”
Those were wonderful words to hear coming out of the mouth of this sexy, gorgeous and sensual woman that I have known now for almost two years pushing three. We had just started becoming intimate a few months back which enhanced the whole relationship. I am still trying to figure out how I was able to keep my hands off of her perfect 34’s and her nice butt.
It was probably a good thing she lived on the east coast in southern Florida, the furthest point on the continent away from me. Any closer I no doubt wouldn’t get anything done. It was hard enough accomplishing anything when I knew she would be having a layover at SFO. Not every time were we able to see each other, but the times we did I was in another reality. One of total bliss, joy or was it just plain lust?
We (would) spend our time hitting the thrift shops where Lizzie would get her kids in Florida some clothes or get some for her. I would scour the racks for Hawaiian shirts or masks from around the world to hang on the walls of our rooftop hideaway nestled on Russian Hill. When 4 o’clock rolled around it was happy hour down the hill at the sidewalk cafes and restaurants. We would wander down, grab a table and other locals would join us for a few. The streets of San Francisco offered many great little neighborhood streets where one can wander down, stop for a bite to eat or a refreshment, enjoy the street scene then wander to the next spot.
The view was worth living in a small tiled flat? Three sides of windows gave you the impression the whole world was yours. An outside deck allowed us to sit outside enjoying Coit Tower and the Berkley Hills from a distance or listen to the bells chime at Grace Cathedral just a few blocks away. No high-rises were close enough to spy down on us or block the sun while we enjoyed each other’s company secluded away from our troubles or other people’s needs. Little did we know changes were in store for us? Things beyond our control were soon to weasel their way into our quiet life while all we wanted was intimacy, friendship and a place in each other’s heart. Something we both believed we deserved at our age? After giving to everyone else the majority of our time, running amuck making sure everyone else had what they needed before we even thought of ourselves. What a selfish and cruel world we sometimes had to put up with. Often no thanks for a job well done. It was “Mom will take care of it” or “Tell Kurt, he’ll do it.” Next life maybe I’ll come back as a dictionary titled “Look it up Yourself”.
About now you are probably wondering how this let’s call it “Love Match” came about. Two total strangers, body and legs all twined together, happy in each other’s company regardless if they are walking down the street with a Lizzie Cup finishing each other’s sentences, finding treasures scattered on the streets of San Francisco or just sitting out on the bunkers at the Presidio having a Rolling Rock leaning against each other watching the clouds roll by. We often wondered that ourselves.
So, one day I decide to wander down the street around noontime for a cold one at the bottom of Jackson Street at Columbus Avenue. Here on the corner is a brewery whose name escapes me at (this particular time) a gorgeous and sexy blonde sat there having a cold one and I knew I did not want her escaping out the door without me tagging along. So sitting a barstool away, ordering a beer from the tap I say “Hello”. She analyzes me, but a little stand offish. Is this going to be difficult I think to myself? Okay, no ring or at least no band, just a fancy diamond that could be an heirloom, and since I had no female involved in my life at the time the world lay before me.
Now somehow which I can’t figure out how, we ended up at Grigornio’s burgers up Columbus having a burger with garlic fries along and a couple more beers. (This is where) I tell her a little about the neighborhood, The Saloon across the street and up Grant for some weekend blues. Washington Square Park and Mario’s is up the street for lunch and here is where I mention the great view up at my place.

“Well, if it isn’t to far, I guess so.”
“I’ll spring for a cab, then get you to your hotel. You might want to stay for sunset, we’ll see.”
Then showing me her Flight Attendant ID after scrutinizing my driver’s license and I think, hmmm, every man’s dream, a stewardess. Remember all those times as a teenager going to visit relatives and there were these lovely ladies wandering the aisles. Yes, she is one of those which wet dreams are made of and right here within my grasp.
So, more conversation we have about where she is from, where she is staying, the Hilton downtown of course, and on a layover. I decide to invite her up to take a few pictures from my “Hole in the Wall” up on Jones at the top of the hill at Jackson Street. Humble as it is, still a great place to live. Walking distance to clubs, tourist spots, good public transportation and restaurants all over.
The only odd thing is to enter my place you go through a long side hallway where the garbage cans are kept and up four flights of stairs that wind around. In reality a fire escape for three tenants below me. This makes my place illegal because there are not two exits.
The entry is not the fancy entrance with double beveled glass doors, crystal chandeliers eliminating a curved oak staircase. But, I have the view to die for and people just don’t want to leave once there. So, opening the door as she looks at the fancy front door to the left I say all the way back and up the stairs holding my hand out for her to proceed me.
Little did I know at the time she was thinking I shouldn’t be going in here? This guy could be a nutcase and rape me. “After you” she said. Myself not grasping on her fear of the unknown I preceded up to the rooftop while she followed. I could tell she hadn’t done stairs like this before by the time she made it to the top. Well her thighs may get more than one form of excersice I thought to myself.
Now sensed her uneasiness for she just stood at the top of the stairs not venturing onto the deck. I offered a glass of wine went in and poured it; she took it and seemed to relax a bit.
As I stood next to her I put my hand on her body just below her belt loop and she instantly pushed it away. I may not be a rocket scientist but I did get the message and could have kicked myself for moving too fast.
We talked; she took pictures then said it was time for her to go. I offered to walk her to the hotel and she accepted. We made it past Grace Cathedral and I pointed out the different landmarks as we went down Mason Street to the Hilton. Shaking hands and exchanging phone numbers I departed and knew my mind would never be the same. Here was one woman all men dream of meeting. The hair all messy as if she just got out of bed, different shades of blonde sparkling emerald eyes and a mouth that said kiss me. Throw in that sexy body you see on magazine covers, so picture perfect it made it seem like a dream.
I think back on that day now and don’t remember if I noticed a wedding ring or not. The only real comment that would come to mind was she stated “I am running away”
Okay I thought we all run from something at some points in our lives. I myself was running away from a relationship I never should have left to begin with. After all living next door to your former lover and good friend, whom you see everyday makes you wonder why, you are going in the direction you are going? A direction I was not clear of. Single, alone and miserable was about all I have accomplished in the past couple years.
Here I am at 56, she a young 46, married with children and a husband on the opposite coast. Me, somewhat married but a single guy, gainfully employed, cash burning a hole in my pocket and no one to entertain. How could I even think of letting this gorgeous woman escape my grasp? She certainly has gripped my heart strings and was tugging on them. This after only one quick afternoon with her.
As I read the morning San Francisco Chronicle sitting outside at The Crepe on Polk at Washington Streets my photographer friend Kai showed up ready for breakfast. Well, at 10 am it’s breakfast for him but lunch for me since I am up with the sun. Even though I had slept well last night, I was looking forward to the possibility of, let’s just say, being seduced by a blonde I had met.
Pushing out a chair I tell him to sit, but he goes in for a coffee first then returns. The morning was nice, a bit on the cool side with the fog hovering over Pacific Heights to the west but not reaching past Van Ness Avenue a block away from us. The sun was just barely making it over the rooftops on the east side as we soaked in the morning around us. One always has a coat on hand due to the multi-climate zone San Francisco is.
We start talking about our little venture “Locally Uncovered” a tour book brochure we are in the process of developing. Hidden spots I know of off the beaten tourist route. Kia is taking the photographs and I am putting words to them. It seems according to Kai, who is German; all Germans are infatuated with San Francisco. He is heading back there to visit family and friends and knows some publishers so we are shooting from the seat of our pants and creating a possible seller.
As a photography professor online he can work anywhere. When I found this out I asked him why wasn’t he sitting on the beach in the Caribbean. Well, being of fair skin he is basically allergic to the sun. That is disappointing I thought. Why be in San Francisco during the summer fog when the world is your playground. At least he was surrounded by all the upcoming female artists that attend the University of Art. Especially, those little Asian honeys, all skinny with a spread between their thighs that beckons one to check out their love channel as they wander by. Too bad they didn’t have some *** to go with it.
The subject matter then turned to our extracurricular activities as in women or the lack of. I mention to him I may have found one to my liking and he wanted to hear more. It had been about two weeks since I had seen the Floridian and I was expecting her that afternoon from a text she had sent. Screw sleeping alone, that is if you can avoid it.
She was coming into town with one of her 19 year old twins. Supposedly 6 foot two and a model to be. Kai found this enlightening since he had done model shoots in the past. His problem was black women. That’s all he was interested in.
He was so infatuated with finding a female friend to the point it was the only thing on his mind. The internet sites were a buzz as his fingers were doing the walking vs. him out meeting someone. These intellectual types are hard to get into the rhythm of reality.
It was due to lack of creativity in my opinion. What the hell, it gave me something to do as his writer for all these emails he was sending out. His complaint was once he met one they would realize he wasn’t the writer. I told him he could always introduce them to me with a chuckle.
I was weary because of the friendship I was attempting to develop with Lizzie the sexy blonde from Florida and didn’t want any interference. Patches on tweed coats really wasn’t going to get him to far with a beach bunny/model daughter half his age .Nice guy and all but the intelligent look with patches on tweed coats along with the balding look really wasn’t going to get him to far.
Knowing they were coming into town I text her that the key was under the mat next door and to put their bags away and come on down Jackson Street for a beer. Not sure as to how this was going to work out with Bernadette the next door neighbor/former lover still sporting a key to my place. Last thing I needed was to have Lizzies thighs draped over my shoulders and BZ (nick name) come up the stairs to the double French doors for a view she no doubt wouldn’t be pleased to view.
My day dreams will get the best of me with this one. I had no clue if the woman would even come around. Since I had been behaving like a gentleman and haven’t tried to get into her pants yet she may have thought something off the wall, San Francisco and all that jazz. All I was trying to do was be a gentleman. She had made the comment “running away from home”. I figured well, man problems, or husband problems run away right into my life.
Her sense of humor and mine meshed, we talked easy, and I enjoyed having a sexy, sensuous blonde by my side as I walked down the street. I could see the envy in everyone’s eyes. Nothing like meeting a woman will give a man the small ego boost needed during a life span. That includes an old guy like me. I hadn’t had a lover now going on three years and if it’s one thing I like is to be loved and love back twice fold. Throw in some intimate sex with it and bingo, one happy man.
Now, I knew my imagination was running wild having these intimate thoughts and lust for this lady. The way she used those little hair clips bunching it out of her face and up on her head gave me the butterflies. It always looked like she just crawled out of bed with her beaming pink lips and smile.
In no time I saw her at the corner with some tall younger woman. She looked fantastic from where I sat. I wondered if she would even recognize me. As she crossed the street her flip flops slapping feet with fire engine red toe nail polish, I thought back on our original meeting.
I waved to her as she glanced toward our table. She had on tight Levi’s and a sweater that showed some cleavage, just as I had remembered her. Her jewelry glistened in the morning sun as her eyes twinkled toward me. I stood, slide over another chair for what have must have been one of her twins. Yes, certainly model material for what I could tell.
“This is Kathleen”
“Hello Kathleen, I am Kurt and this is my friend Kia.” Kai said hello as the ladies sat at the table.
“I see you don’t need a beer at the moment” as I glanced at her coffee cup with a slice of orange floating.
“No, I’m good for the moment, God it is good to get away from the humidity of Florida. I am on a run to West Palm Beach from here. We have a night at the Hilton.”
“I’m glad you made it into town. This place has great crepes. Kathleen you hungry?”
“Yes, I’ll have something.”
“We didn’t drop anything off at the “Hole in the Wall”. Just looked at the view I miss so much.”
“Well the door is always open.”
“Kathleen I hear you are a model. I am a photographer professor and have done model shoots in Paris.” spoke Kia.
“Well, my photo shoots are in Miami”
“I worked out of Miami before” he continued.
Some innocent chit chat between the leering photographer and the innocent teenager seemed okay. After all I knew nothing would become of it.
“How long do you have?” I asked as the girls ate their lunch.
“We have an hour or two then back to the hotel. Early check out for me and Kathleen goes back to Jensen Beach later in the afternoon. “
“So I’ll take you down to your hotel when you are done. We can ride MUNI and experience the local color so to speak, giving her a mischievous wink.”
‘Anything works for me and could use some shut eye before too long”
I suggested a taxi to the daughter trying to get some alone time but Lizzie wasn’t biting on that one. I called a cab company anyway, figured why walk and we walked out to the street and waited. All this time I’m trying to be non intrusive as her cleavage stares me in the face, nice little butt so close I want to slap it and that hair.
God that hair, bunched up in little clips on the side and top, sexy as all hell. What’s it going to take I wonder as the taxi pulled up and they climbed in waving goodbye. I stood on the street wanting, desiring every moment of hers to be shared with me. “Runaway you sexy, sensuous blonde with bedroom hair, run right into my arms” I spoke out loud to myself.
Back at the Crepe, a St. Pauli Girl for Kia and a Dos Equi for me we watched life stroll by.
“You are in love with that woman” says Kia.
“Does it show that much” I reply.
He nodded and said "Yes, you have got it bad. But I could see why. She is very sexy and easy to talk to.”
“I know, what was once lust has become more involved and emotional. I just wonder about this running away thing. She told me her husband had taken money and stocks, spent the cash which was basically her retirement.”
“That’s not good, not for a woman I think mid 40’s, worked hard raising 4 kids and wanting to get some time in her life and enjoy it. No can do without the funds.”
“5o, she looks good for mid 40’s.”
“She is pretty sexy. I think having teenage daughters keeps her spirit young, plus she feels some competition from the girls. You should see this picture of her around 22-23 in a pool and bikini. What her husband is doing driving her away is beyond me. I would keep her close and near.”
“She no doubt has men all over the continent wanting her attention and I don’t mean just on a flight.”
“I thought about that. Could be a problem. Need to keep her at some sort of distance before I fall head over heels.”
You already have Kurt”
“I was afraid it showed. Just having Bernadette next door is going to be difficult since we were lovers and she refuses to return my house key”
“All I want is one. You have the pleasure of two” mentions Kia.
“No, just wanting this one. Bernadette and I are over a couple years ago. Still friends but no physical activity. If there was the Lizzie wouldn’t be in my radar. One’s all I can handle if any at all” I countered. Truthfully speaking in my late 50’s I would be lucky to handle one. But, if she was willing, why not take the plunge?
Well, Lizzie gone for who knows how long, I killed my beer while Kai went his way I went mine up Jackson. Boy, she would have to just pop into town, show her fine face and leave me lusting for more. What the hell is her plan? Am I going to be included I wondered?
On a warm San Franciscan night, Heaven above put me on a street called Love as I let myself believe in a miracle, as I climbed up Jackson Street past U Lees Chinese restaurant and their world renowned won tons. Even the lunch rice dish was a steal at $4.50 a bowl. Post cards from around the world adorned the walls from happy diners who have enjoyed this neighborhood eatery.
The Powell/Hyde Street cable car clanged going down the tracks to Fisherman’s Wharf and a favorite layover spot of Lizzie’s. I was soon to find out it was McKormick’s and Klueto’s a 4 star joint with a killer view, white table cloths and crystal glasses for the beer she so loved. Any beer, as long as it was cold as in fresh off the ice. This was a new one for me, too. Hell, I can enjoy a half of can left on the kitchen counter the next morning when I wake up without a second thought. That was soon to change, there was always going to be a cold one or three in the fridge as time goes on.
She enjoyed the happy hour prices on food. A beer is a beer no matter where it’s consumed, but fish cakes, macaroni and cheese with a side of chowder couldn’t be had anywhere else in town for the price and ambience. This woman had all the happy hours down like clockwork wherever she flew. It was not unlikely to hear “I’m going to Denver tomorrow, I’ll be there for happy hour”. I wondered if she based her flights on the ETA vs. check in and happy hour. Was I classified yet as a “Happy Couple of Hours at SFO?” A least we both were on the thirst agenda and same mind set.
I enjoyed it all, even the ride on the 19 Polk bus full of local characters from the magician trickster with knickers and bow tie, the artists with charcoal and pad plus your basic guitar strummers. They all shone a special light out along the sidewalks for the tourists to gawk at, fill their cups with coins and talk about in Kansas when they got home to Toto.
I thought how cleverly she had slipped through my fingers last visit without a heads up on a return. It was just yesterday I put her and the 6 footer in a cab and sent them off to never never land. I should screw this gentleman attitude, slide my fingers in those Levi belt loops, pull her forward until the heat of those firm 34C’s (I’m guessing) are up close to my chest and whisper in her ear “Let me slowly entertain you”. She would brush back her hair, take my hand and lead me to the comfort zone. The smooth skin at the upper most part of her thighs, where they come together is heaven. I can see it, feel and taste it now. I wonder what airport she’s laying over at. Kai is right I’ve been bitten and bitten bad. I doubt if there was an antidote for what I had.
I hit the door, hustle up my staircase, see that I had made by bed in anticipation, grabbed a cold one and sat out on the deck. The sunset was not due for a couple hours and the deck was in shade for my comfort. Damn, how could I let her get away? Nobody cleans a house faster than a man expecting to get laid.
No sooner had I downed one and had my second in hand I looked over at the top of the stairs and she said” Can I come up?”
“Please do, funny I didn’t hear you”.
“Well, K got off okay and I really didn’t want to go on my flight. You seemed like a better option and I owe you dinner for the cab ride.”
“Here hand me your bag. Only one bed but we can sleep on different sides of the sheets so you feel safe”
“Okay, we can figure out something.”
I take her bag inside, grab a cold Rolling Rock and come back out as she is unbuttoning her blouse.
“That’s a good climb up those stairs you have”
“It should keep those thighs of your nice and tight” I said thinking tight around my neck.
“I need a shower, didn’t have a chance since I needed to check out of the hotel.”
“Okay, it’s on the funky side but I have clean towels and everything you need”
I lead her back to the head gazing and pointing out the window.
“Should be a good sunset tonight”
“This pocket door shuts but leave a couple inches open or it may fall off the track”
“I know it sounds hokey but really you’re safe here” As I slowly back away from the kitchen that is all mirrored and at the end has a full length mirror ready to have her little butt cheeks up against.
After about 20 minutes I hear the shower turn off from where I was sitting outside, gave her a couple minutes to dry off and went back into the kitchen for another cold beer. Looking toward the bathroom, door opened a few inches I could see her slipping on a sweatshirt.
As the pocket door slowly opened Lizzie stood there, hair all washed and tussled, those sexy clippies have her hair up out of her face with a dab of moisture above her upper lip, a BillyBong sweatshirt on just barely covering a freshly shaved little mound of tenderness and Roxy white socks.
It was a perfect picture. A dream coming to life as I put my hand out for her to take, leading her outside to a captains chair for her to settle in on.
“Here slide this pillow there first” thinking in advance wanting that little mound in the clear for tasting later... Nothing else left but the imagination. I had a feeling she wanted to be devoured as much as I wanted to do the devouring.
“Won’t someone see me?”
“No, look around. That skyscraper over there is 999 Green Street the only building with a potential view of us. Can you see in their windows?”
“No I can’t”.
“We are just going to sit here under the roof awning anyway. Keep out of the sun.
I reached over and slide the ottoman out. “I’m going to sit here and read while you air dry.” Naturally, to get a glimpse of things to come my way sooner rather than later. I positioned myself after she slid the pillow under her firm *** and I was eye level with her mound of joy.
I slide over to the chair stretching my legs and feet out and she placed her feet on mine as she leaned back shaking that blonde mane of some remaining drops of water.
When I am 95, in an old farts home, and repeat this to whoever is listening to my rambling no one is going to believe me. Sure Kurt, you and a stew, keep dreaming. I have to believe that I am one lucky, lucky man to have met this eighth wonder of the world as a song filled my mind “I don't ask for much, I only want to touch and you know it don't come easy.”
This is going to be the longest sunset I thought opening my book, eyeing a sensuous woman I’ve known now for maybe 2 years in a long distance relationship every man dreams about. And platonic up to today which I thought might be changing. How have I been able to keep my hands off her and why now has she opened up to me?
I flashed back on a phone call she gave me a few months back inviting me down to her hotel to watch television. I had arrived with a bottle of wine expecting nothing and in return she excused herself, went in the bathroom, and came out showered in her panties and bra. I was totally dumbfounded; it was like having a winning lotto ticket, surprised and actually nervous. She slid under the sheets handing me the remote and said “watch what you want”.
I got up, undressed, went into the bathroom, showered and came out naked. What the hell, she can always call security if she wanted but I doubted that would happen. I popped the cork, poured us some wine and slid in next to her thinking about her panties coming off with my teeth. Obviously a shy one I thought, but, I then flashed back to the running away from home comments earlier in our friendship.
The phone rang, well actually pulsated with a blue glow and Lizzie grabbed it. As she flipped it open to read the text I slide on my side and flipped the stations around until something of interest came up.
“That was my husband wanting to know how I was.”
“Well I hope you are comfortable, I am. I haven’t lain down on a real bed for months.”
“I thought you might like it and some TV. I watch it all the time at home. That is about all I do since my husband has spent my retirement money and left me broke.”
Turning over on my other side facing her, lifting the sheet up to roll my leg over, my hand resting on her stomach and he left it there. Go slow Kurt was the only thing I could think. Now is not the time. Hell, 8 o’clock at night naked in bed with a dazzling beauty and a husband texting. Throw in me having to get up at 5 AM to make it to work before the carpenters show up. Frustration must be my middle name but confused was more like it.
Slowly my hand moved south to the elastic top of her panties trying to sneak in under it. Her hand gently stopped mine and I realized I should behave. This platonic friendship was going to continue for the time being. We both fell asleep cuddled up my stomach to her back. When we woke up at the alarm buzzing her head was on my chest, one leg out from under the covers and panties still on.
“I got to go to work”
“Me too. I leave for West Palm Beach at 11 this morning. The shuttle van picks us up downstairs at 9:30.”
“Can I see you next time you are in town?”
“You better”
I look over and she is smiling, pulling the sheets up around her breasts and shaking her body.
“Give me a couple days notice if you can”.
“Today is Wednesday, I will be back Friday.”
“Okay, let’s try Mexican food down a few blocks from my place or some fresh oysters at Hyde Street Bar and Grill.”
“I’ll take fresh oysters so rest up” came out before she had even thought about it.
“You’re on” I said, as I leaned over, kissed her forehead and went out around the bed to the door. “See you Friday” I said slowly shutting the door wondering where all the other crew members where. I certainly didn’t want to feed any rumor mill where she worked. It took me two wrong turns in the corridor before I found the elevator to whisk me back to down reality.
Hitting the street I looked up to the area where her room was and waved. Later she told me she had waved back as she watched me reach the corner of Mason and Eddy. My head spun, heart took a quick beat as I boarded the bus to work. This I knew was going to be a long day and I was right. All I could think about was Lizzie the stewardess, clippies in her hair, her hand gently stopping me and what a fool I was for trying anything.
But, she did say we had a date Friday and I smiled like a teenager would get a Valentine from a girl he had a crush on. The mysteries of life compounded by the emotional feelings of being alone the past couple of years were more than I could comprehend. Was this love I was feeling at such an early stage of knowing her? Whatever it was it felt great.
So, back to the present day here on Jones Street. Cold brewski’s in the fridge, a half dressed showered damsel in distress sitting a few feet away, and the cruise ships coming in to Pier 36 with tourists to spend money. Romance is flourishing here in San Francisco.
“I need to take a nap, but, don’t let me sleep to long, okay/”
“Sure, I’ll wake you in a couple hours.”
I continued to read and Lizzie climbed on to the airbed and rolled under the sheet. Yes, the sunset was going to be fantastic this evening. As it turned out it was one of many colorful and exciting sunsets we shared. I went in to wake her after the time she wanted to rest. I thought it must be hard living in two to three different time zones. The body clock wouldn’t know what or when it needed something.
She was still sleeping as she slowly spread her legs and I saw her lips and vulva moist with anticipation. Her blonde hair fanned across the pillow while her breathing was that of total relaxation. I knew this was going to be another erotic and intimate moment with my lover. She had escaped the humidity of Florida for the cool San Franciscan weather. The weather that got us both in a romantic mood as we looked over Russian Hill and west to the Golden Gate Bridge.
While she pushed the blankets back, I stood at the bottom of the bed unbuttoning my Levis, dropping them to the floor sliding head first under the sheet. I was up close so my mouth covered her inviting **** and vulva that glowed with a pinkish tint. My mouth covered her and my hungry tongue flicked her wildly as she moaned with pleasure. I loved it when she climaxed in my mouth knowing the pleasure I brought her got me rock hard. The taste of her natural juices flowed into my mouth reminding me of how tasty hot buttered popcorn was when I was a kid.
As she grabbed my head and pushed me into her I slipped my finger up into the inner walls of her tight vagina massaging her and searching for the invisible G spot she claimed not to have. This turned her on thrusting her hips and brought me to the point I felt as if I would come before entering her. The soft breaths of pleasure she gave told me it was time.
I rose above her keeping my body weight above her as I watched her guide me into her. It took all I could not to let go right then. Her whispers of "I love it when you **** me, go faster" filled my ears while I moved further deep inside like a hand filling a tight glove.
Sweat was beading on her upper lip and I rolled her on her knees as she put her hands on the window sill gazing at the sunset while my hands wandered all over her. She loved it when I would massage her and squeeze her as we came together for the first of many times that will happen over this weekend.

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Sep 14, 2012