I Enjoy Intimacy

I been in a few relationships over the years and not all were laced with intimacy. Although I know how it feels and what it is, I am still unable to define how some ladies provide this warm, and most joyous feeling. It makes my body dance with every touch.
MrNash MrNash 36-40, M 6 Responses Sep 18, 2012

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Well said MrN, to me intimacy is the merging of two beings, body and soul. Life would be none existent without it.

I love those words ... "It makes my body dance with every touch."

That's a very good description of intimacy.

The concept of intimacy is something that so many people don't understand, or they underestimate it. I would love my relationship to have the kind of intimacy that makes my body dance!

Thank you so much.....

It's magic, but it takes 2 for it to happen. : )

Pure magic....

She "smiles."

he "smiles".....

Hahaha! Awesome! : )

lol...i like that too.... :)

Ya know, we could do this all day! (wink)

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.....without intimacy, a relationship becomes simply a friendship...great posting....

Thank you, Babydoll....Interesting comment and I must write that I have not heard that before....I agree! :)

I can't reveal all our secrets... but I will tell you that a man willing to be open to intimacy is a vital ingredient :)
For me, there is no greater gift than to share those precious moments.

Thank you warmlight. I sure like that name. I actually almost deleted this.

Thanks MrNash :) I'm glad you didn't delete it. It's refreshing to read about a man who is brave enough to share his thoughts on this.

That's a good thing ;)

I hope so....