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were like 10 or more dudes waiting to get shitfaced. i did the math and figured there would be 5 and a half drinks for me IN THEORY. then i recognized the ratio of dudes to girls was undefined, because you cant divide by zero. i panicked briefly, but 3 femmes arrived soon after to reassure me. the looks on my buddies faces were priceless. it was something between confusion and hunger.
i will refer to the ladies as numbers. lady 1 had made an effort to fool around pongside, i abliged. it was soon my turn to play however and i suffered 2 losses. discouraged, i went off to watch the ball drop.

the owner of the house brought out champagne and glasses. as we watched anderson cooper grope kathy griffin on live television, we joined in the drunken joy. nearly exposed breasts on cnn was enough to inspire me for another round of beer pong. lady 2 was my partner. for some reason, my shots went straight and true this time around and i sank 4 cups. she sealed the deal on the final two. content with our victory, we retired to the living room. it seemed to be an omen..

this was around the time that weedsmoking and intoxicated bathroom pics began. no one had yet been a casualty of the night but that didnt last. eventually the marijuana caught up to my comrades and people began "reserving" spots around the large basement. lady 1 solicited me to sleep with her at this point. she offered several blankets and sleeping bags near the couch. it was tempting, and i began to agree, but lady 2 had a dastardly scheme in her undergarments.

as i walked near, she began to innocently murmur: "whyyy wasss i numberrr twooo" (see what i did here). she used the notorious girlfriend voice and lay on the couch seductively. i didnt even feel myself fall into the trap. it was too late to stop myself from swooping down on top of her. she fit me snug between her thighs and her belly. the vixen had entangled me with her leg and our tongues met. it wasnt long before she forced mine to wander to her ears, neck, and chest.

i couldnt stop. i kissed and sucked from her **** down. it was fun to run my fingers along her back. i grabbed her tight *** and pulled her closer. then i teased her ***** from behind, rubbing her panties through her pants. the waistband on her yogas stretched as i pulled them away with my mouth. i slid my hand into her pants and traced her lips with my middle flipper. her **** was still hiding a little, so i pet it until she drooled. finally i put my finger in and felt how wet and tight she really was. i didn't want to put more than 2 in at a time. i paced the strokes and played her like puppet. every time i would slow down, bring them out and then slip them back in her *** jumped and she threw it closer to me. she was becoming uncontrollable.

i halted and she grabbed my waist. she tried to pull my pants off before i had the terrible realization that i had no protection! i couldnt believe it. i didnt know how i felt about fingerpopping this damsel while wishing i was inside her. we both noticed there were 12 people scattered around us during the encounter. no oral favors were exchanged, and we accepted our situation. i grinded against her love cushions to fall asleep.
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Jan 6, 2013