Being Intimate

I look back over my life and find that I have been intimate with three people. I define intimacy as  being able to talk to that person on a very trusting level, being able to express my emotions freely, especially about sex.  I cannot include my wife because of my several sexual experiences.  Yes, I have had sex with two of these three. My wife has had sex with two of them also.  It seems odd that I am more intimate with other than my wife but it works out that way. Can you talk freely about yr sexual feelings with yr wife or husband?  Some things are better discussed outside marriage

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3 Responses Feb 28, 2010

May be sometimes we do not want to transfer our relations to another more open level with our spouses/ Becasue it makes us to afraid the responsobilities for it and might make some changes in our life. But may be we are not ready for these changes even we want to have open relations with our hubbies. Easy to have somebody else for such open relations. It is less risk to loose all your life.

I was involved with this married woman for 5 years and many times just laying there naked and kissing her, the plesure we felt with our bodies was 10 times better then the act itself. I have felt that many times with my wife in the past , and she responded in ways that most men die for. Not anymore , not for several years, I sometime think that since she knows the extreme needs I have for intimacy and the large appetite for sex she is hoping I do stray , so she can be rid of me. What a way to feel towards the woman I adore with every beat of my heart.

it is the most difficult thing in the world to find someone to open your heart and soul too <br />
some may never find that person <br />
which is why this site is so damn good people say their peace or piece as they like it