Traditional Irish Music

I Love Irish Music... that's why i work for Raidió Fáilte, and i thought some users might get a lot out of the traditional Irish music and Celtic music that we play most of the time. check out and you can listen to the music everywhere you go...


raidiofailte raidiofailte 26-30 4 Responses Mar 24, 2009

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kittster let me know if you manage to tune in at 1pm today (local time Belfast/GMT)


yeah Gearóid has a slot a few times a week and exclusively plays Elvis music! that's why i always say to people about checking the schedule, in case they land on to the site and it's Elvis,Ska,blues, flamenco or whatever and they think they're on the wrong site! :-) there's some good traditional stuff on now, and i think you'd enjoy the show today at 1pm (Belfast time/GMT)

slán go fóill


no probs JimmO. just make sure to check the schedule for what's on, as there are lot of presenters so there's not always Irish music on. but when you get a good show (any listed in the schedule as traditional Irish music, Celtic music, etc) some of them are brilliant!