Best Band In The World

I have seen them only four times but have been a fan since the beginning. My joint favourite albums have to be SSOASS, and AMOLAD. I recently saw them again in Dublin and had the best night of my life.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

Those might be my favorites as well. In 2006, I saw them perform AMOLAD in it's entirety which was the show I've ever seen. Some people whined about not enough classics but seeing them play 70+ minutes of all new material was awesome. I love the history tours but this was like seeing a young band trying to prove themselves rather than a veteran band playing songs they knew audiences loved.

I hope you get to see them > I loved seeing them in Dublin

Two excellent albums. I've been a fan since Powerslave. Saw them for the first time in Sydney in 2008 and have just found out they're coming back to Australia in February 2011.