You love a man and the man love you that great,,, then the sex is great,,,,
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This is very true although you can share great sex without being in love. Agree it's better when you are in love.

yes it better sex ,,you are in love,,,

The danger for Me has always been getting the two confused. If it starts out sexual hot and heavy,one of Us will wake up and understand that its not love after all and,some one gets hurt.Understanding this,Ive learned to cool My jets and go slow.

you meet the women ,,,you will know ,, both of you have the same thing in life,,, but you go out just for sex ,,, you get up and get dress and walk away,,,that all it was is sex,,,

Yep love and great sex go hand in hand.

yes it sure do!!!!

love kills you Sex thrills you

no love is a sex drive,,, if you love the person you are with ,,, do you like making love to the person you love,,,,

Love is about all about understanding of 2 ❤️ is all about sleeping each other which doesnt require understanding of 2❤️

two heart are togather ,, and love there,,,

in marriage

marraige is all about understanding each other and sleeping dear...!!!

no it not see i'm divorce my husband cheated,,,,,, but now i have a boyfriend,,,

ohh ... how u have been cheated by ur hubby??

yes i have,,, now i'm divorce,,, Yes i have a boydriend,,and he love me,,, and i love him.. that why sex is so great....

how he cheated you not having sex or having an affair

he got to a point ,,, he never care anymore a drink in one hand and women by his side,, that what he want now,, he don't care about anybody but his self....

Then you could have change him being a wife u have taken false decision ... life is all anout ups and dwns ....u hv dine wrong by giving divorce..!!

most man go to sleep,,, but you are in love with her ,,, then you have great sex with your wife,,,,

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