Liam Neeson's Journey
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As a whole I really feel desgress to identify myself as a Muslim. We are not actually a Muslim, we are so called modern Muslim who feel shame to practice Islam, who has no unity, we are going far away from our Holy Quran. In every part of the world our brothers are being killed, our sisters are being rapped, our holy quaran being burned but we not only remaining silent but also when some real Muslim try to resist & revolt along with western media we give them label as terrorist. I really feel DESGRESS & only on that I will be proud when whole Muslim ummah will unitedly revolt & call for Zeehad to uphold Islam & to implement sharia. I know it's not that easy to defeat non BELIVERS & to achieve this we the Muslim ummah have to pay a lot & the paying method is "BLOOD" only. I'm ready to pay my blood. What about you guys? 

be patient.