Alhamdulilah I thank Allah for guiding me to the Holy Quran, I cant thank him enough for that, I am was born a Muslim but due to neglect I got distant from my religion, the past few years I have have been come passionate about my deen and slowly adjusting to be a better muslim, the most beloved things to me are now salah and quran I pray Allah keeps me firm on them. And grants me sincere beneficial knowledge.ameen

My ultimate goal is to be beneficial to the deen and leave a legacy that benefits others after me in shaa allah :)
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I am glad for you that Allah helped you to get back to him please keep on Allah bless you

Do you support ISIS and all the killing, kidnapping etc...because they will not convert to Islam...just curious

Brother they r no human... So what we expect that they will convert or no... No religion teaches to kill the innocent people... And what this extremist follow is no Islam... They follow satan.

Thank you for your response. I'm Christian and I would very much dislike a terrorist group forcing people even to the point of death to become a Christian. That would be so wrong. Have a great day.

There is no point in forcing any1 into anything... No1 will like it nor will follow... Then why to kill , why cant talk wit love.... U hv a gr8 day too.:)