I Love Being Au-natural

I have always enjoyed being nude. The ironic thing is I am very shy when it comes to my body so I would not say I was an exhibitionist by any means. When I was a kid I enjoyed walking through my family forest without any clothes on. My favorite thing to do was to sit on soft mossy mounds and just meditate. It wasn't sexual and it wasn't because I thought my body was anything to look at because I have always been chubby. I guess it was the freedom without the binding of the clothes. Now that I am much older I enjoy sitting on my deck and enjoying the freedom of not wearing any clothes. I also have the freedom to go swimming in my pool or hottub skinidipping. It isn't that I feel naughty or anything. I just hate getting out of the pool or hottub with a wet drippy bathing suit. I have many tattoos and they are especially in areas covered up by clothes. So I guess I am not really nude at all.
timtruck44 timtruck44
Jun 22, 2011