I Am A 5th Level Multi-Tasker

Just shuffled into my den a minute ago, plopped down in front of the keyboard and yawned. It’s chilly, but I don’t want to slide the window shut all the way cause Its raining and I want to smell that fresh air and hear the patter of those raindrops. It wasn't raining the first time I got up this morning. 

I went back to bed after I made coffee, fed the dogs and saw Donna off to work. I don't usually do that because I feel too guilty and because the dogs look at me all disappointed like. Sense my retirement they've gotten used to going out with me on morning hikes and its  become the best part of their day. Hell, some days it’s the best part of mine too. Anyhow, I'm just goanna sit here and wait for that dull sleepy numbness to break up.

Hang on, I forgot... Coffee!
OK, I'm back. Man that tastes good.
When I blew into the kitchen to get the coffee, I skidded by the Island counter and saw the ripe cantaloupe I cut in half earlier this morning.  There it sat glistening, with seeds still dripping down. I totally forgot about that cantaloupe so I brought a piece back this time with my coffee.

Sometimes I think I’m getting forgetful in my old age but, that’s not it. I’ve been like this my whole life. See, I don’t always pay close attention to what I’m doing cause my mind likes to take these little side trips on occasion. My body can shuffle around the house on auto pilot using pure muscle memory which leaves my mind free to explore other places. Some people call that spacey, or drifty but I have another name for it.

I'm a 5LM'er. That's a 5Th Level Multi-Tasker. It makes more sense if I include the term ADD, then you get a better picture. But to achieve the 5Th level status, ADD isn't enough. You need to be really committed. Being Impulsive helps also because Juggling 5 simultaneous tasks is an art, and you need all the help your personality has to offer and that means including a phobia here, a disorder there.... you know, whatever
Wait! Now I remember why I came in here. OK, gotta go..
Talk to you later.
Oceanhiker Oceanhiker
61-65, M
Feb 10, 2013