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Just Bend Me Over...

There's just something about this position. So animalistic...and so completely hot! It's amazing when the need for joining becomes so instinctual and powerful to where you no longer think any just do. Whether I'm kneeling on all fours with my breasts dangling down heavy and full...or you press me up against some random wall...I get the same explosive feeling erupting through every fiber of my being. A feeling so powerful...and so wanton...that only my release will set me free.

So please...with out any further delay...just take me...take all of me.

Just bend me over...and do it NOW.
KassieKat KassieKat 46-50, F 79 Responses Apr 7, 2011

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Love the feeling of a woman's cheeks against my front and thighs, holding her waist to pull myself in harder !!

...WOW, very well said - I like reaching around and squeezing her Big Breasts as I hump away, like you said, so animalistic !!!

oh I do agree, love all of it as they sure enjoy watching them selves make my kitty really wet,.....when you decide to accept friends, please keep me in mind.......

Some people have an angle to their canal that makes it easier to do if they have their head down and their butt raised, rather than on all fours.... but either way is sexy to me.

hi from minnesota,pete

i would love to just bend you over like a little **** and bang both holes.

you do not have to ask me twice :)

...and when you get in that position, my animal instinct takes over as well. I need to possess you fully. I need to hold your rear and push in. Feel your barriers fall and go inside. Thrusting away deep inside you; craving the tension and inevitable release. The movements of your bottom playfully beckoning me to continue. Finally I have to give myself fully with one big shot

Beautiful and erotic emotions...thank you for sharing :)

I just started dating a guy who is all about bending me over something, anything. He also likes to give me a little slap on my ***. That's new to me. But I like it!! I think it's because he slaps in an upward motion and when he connects it spread my pu**y lips and *** for a second...that feels so awesome!

Sounds quite wonderful sweet lady. If only I could do just that....right now! (smiling)

Well...since this story was written...I have found a very special I'm afraid that he's the only one who I would be doing this with now...but I do thank you for your kind words. :)

I understand but I'm afraid I'll still be thinking about it. And I think he's a lucky man. I'm happy for you both sweetheart.

Thank you. He knows he's lucky...and so do I. :)

Oh, if only! ;-)

Oh, go on then. Since you asked so nicely ;o)

Was I nice? I thought I was kinda bossy. *laugh*

Oh hell yes, just thinking about it makes me want to pound that ***, just drive it home over and over again. Giving her all I got then some, slapping that *** and balls swinging into to her so hard it hurts, oh I love it!

here here !


Just linked from one of ur other posts... i dig the way ur mind works. Definately, we all need to let the animal out once in awhile or twice k maybe thrice in awhile. We do ourselves a huge disgrace to our soul when we pretend that our ba<x>se desires are beneath us. I find grinding is ultra hot in this coupling (hard not to just break into a gallop lol) seems to b the best way to get a woman to feel free lust wise. <br />
Curious tho, do u prefer ur hips held, hair bridled, wrists held behind u or maybe the man very close as to bite ur neck & kiss ur shoulders... ok busted yes trying to better picture you at ur most primal ;)

During these moments...all of the above. Thanks for commenting. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. :)

and with good variation,, slo and easy then hard driven then you work it on me,, oh my !! love to lay on my side with partner on the side also,, sooo good and when you are looong and thick like i am you can get deep and really work that G spot,, "just wonderful"

Yes...the position you describe is quite wonderful indeed. Thanks for commenting. :)


Thanks! I appreciate the comment. :)

My wife, who is pretty conservative, seems to like it in this position as well, however, its so dam good, i cant hold out too lng when I am in the position. Thanks for sharing!

You're quite welcome. Thanks for commenting. :)

My "favourite" position seems to change depending on the day - but I think this is the one I always come back to. I love to push back into my man - and we both have easy access to play with my ****. When I get to slide back and feel the deep penetration. OMG... I know what I'm going to do tonight. Thanks for the amazing visual.

You make some excellent points. Thanks for commenting. :)

Love this position as you can really work your way in deep. Seems hot in here all of a sudden ;)

Thanks for commenting.

hit it from the back just doing the dog.

O yes! The best thing I like about this position is I am able to reach down under my girl and rub and play with her ****! Don't take long and she is cuming like a dog in heat.

Thanks for commenting.

Well said I agree it has to the best to be taken from be hide

Thanks for commenting. :)

I don't think anyone could explain it better than you just did. This is my favorite...animalistic, primal, dominating...everything you want it to be.

Thanks for the lovely compliment. I appreciate it. :)

sheesh,,, just re-read this,, dam very hot

Thanks so much! That's cool that you came back to re-read it a second time. Anyone who writes would take that as a huge compliment. :)

Great desc<x>ription, it is one of my wife Ann's favorite positions also. Thank you for sharing.

You're quite welcome. Thanks for commenting. :)

It is a great position as you say very animalistic!! And for you anytime or anywhere you want !!!

Very animalistic indeed! Thanks for commenting. :)

Kassie, you tell the story so well. It just drew me into it and start remembering my own experiences, and I have to admit it's one of my favorite positions as well. I think it is that animalistic instinct that comes over us as we are connected by such a small physical portion of our bodies, but with such a great emotional bond in this position. Oh, and I've always had a weakness for redheads, HOTT!!

Thanks for the lovely compliment! I appreciate it so much. :)

Getting it from behind is a definite turn on, I can always count on the fact I will have multiple orgasns. On all fours with my *** jacked up high in the air, breasts laying on the bed head down taking it hard, the ******* that keep coming totally takes me there, but its a toss up, I will ride cowgirl style is a runner up, looking into my man's eyes as I ride him

We're on the same page...because I dig cowgirl style a lot as well.'s so wonderful to share eye contact during sex. Very yummy indeed. Thanks for commenting. :)