I am watching television in your living room, I see you stalking toward me, with an intent look on your face. I stand and ask you what you want, you do not answer me.

You get to me, throw me up over your shoulders, turn around and head toward the bedroom..your hand on my butt, to hold me still.

You drop me on the bed, i fall backwards..you grab my shoulders and sit me up and turn me around. I am now facing away from you. I start to ask you what you want me to do..you shush me and say..let me. I stay quiet and turn back around. You pull me backwards and lay me down. My head falls off the side of the bed. You undress me and then drop your shorts.

Now I begin to understand. We are going to play out one of your fantasies. I begin to get wet again at the thought of playing out your fantasy. I am surprised as it hasn't even been an hour since the last session in bed.

You are not hard yet, and you lean my head back and open my mouth. You put your soft d*ck in, and tell me to suck it hard. I taste both of us on you as we have not had a shower yet. It makes me wetter, tasting the essence of us together. I suck you, and nurse you, you do not stay soft very long. Your fantasy is to ram your d*ck down my throat, and you are too long now, you are choking me.

You pump in and out of my mouth for awhile..sometimes going deep, other times shallow. Suddenly you pull out, pick me up and toss me to the center of the bed. I love when you become aggressive in bed and I wait to see what you will do next.

You prop my head on some pillows and slide down me. You grab my thighs and push them back beside my hips. I am bare to you, you look up at me...and lower your head to my p*ssy. I start to shiver..you have a wicked mouth and tongue. You tease and tantalize my cl*t, quick little light flicks until I start to writhe and moan. I *** and you keep teasing, over and over, until I *** again.

You use your fingers and start to pump in and out of me, making me *** again. You move, grab me and flip me sideways on the bed. I am face down and you grab my hips and pull me back to you. In one stroke you enter me..and we both groan. I grab the sheets on the bed and hold on. You stroke in and out a couple of times, and start pumping furiously. I am so close..but I need more! **** me HARDER, I cry. You hesitate and then start to slam into me. I moan, this is what I need...you wrap one arm around my waist to hold me in place. I hear you moan harshly as you start to ***, I feel my body clenching as it responds to yours. Milking out all you have, mine to have.

We both fall to the bed, exhausted. You tuck me in your arms while we rest and talk. you tell me I am responding quicker each time you touch me. I just smile, at this rate, I will respond and *** with just a look! Maybe another fantasy to work toward and act out!

You are fretting that you may have hurt me. You feel you are too rough, I feel it was just right. I love to feel your thighs slapping mine, reach under and feel your balls drawn tight, because you like it too. I absolutely love it from behind.

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You know how to express exactly what ur thinking.....

It has been a journey, but I am getting there. Putting thoughts and emotions in print is difficult sometimes..searching for the right word..

what a great story
have fun
hug and kisses

this is one of my favorite scenarios to play out.... but i love it when my girl eats the *** afterward too...

Mmmmm very hot lacy so naughty baby ;-) love it!!!